Rebuilding (And Modifying) A DESTROYED BMW Sports Car In 4 Days

Rebuilding (And Modifying) A DESTROYED BMW Sports Car In 4 Days

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Today, I rebuild a wrecked and flooded BMW Z4, with a little help from Chris from B is for Build. (
Okay, a lot of help. And no sleep. This is gonna be good. Thanks to BC Racing, Konig Wheels, Nitto Tires, and ECS Tuning for the support on this build!

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B is for Build says:

yaaay! i always love seeing your version of our collabs. Cant wait till next year!


terrible painting

random innocent human says:

1:22 omg a Supra

R says:

Dude that car was beautiful before in red u guys made that car looked boring as hell sorry to say

Osama Sarfraz says:

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Patricio Da silva says:

obviously same car as the mark of his greasy hand on the sealing is still there 🤣🤣🤣🤣
amazing job in three days guys

MtReversed says:

If you build cars I love your work

Александр Шишкин says:

Ебать у неё зазор между капотом и бампером

Heywood Jablomi says:

Terrible color, or lack of it. What were they thinking…

Steve Forrester says:

What's with the missing paint just behind the drivers' door and under the black roof at 32:00?

Ariq Fauzan says:

That hood gap is MASSIVE. Also the car looks like it's still on primer are you sure you painted it?

VK says:

Look crappy even after repair.

A Montanheiro says:

Awesome work guys, and the soundtrack was perfect as well!

Mattmann says:

Time to give up on the hair mano….happens to the best of us!

Gordon Gekko says:

The best thing to is push it in the shredder. The world is better of without this miserable piece of shyt

Gordon Gekko says:

The fitment of those cheap jumpers is absolutely hideous

Gordon Gekko says:

Jesus Christ man, why not just remove the headlight…it’s faster that masking them.

motylanoga says:

I WILL NEVER PAY FOR WORK LIKE THAT ^^ SORRY to say but body work is crap !!! gaps are not a profesional work and painting ^^ XD but stil for 3-4 days work …..

oncewaslost1982 says:

I get that it was a 4 day build but the fact that none of the jambs or underhold stuff was painted to match makes it not look good. The paint color is awful. It looks like a highschool kids car they is riding around with a spraybomb primer job that is waiting for a proper paint job that will never happen….🤔

Christophe Bille says:

What a shitty paint job….

john kaimins says:

Ohhhhh nooooooo….. what happened to the Beautiful Red Paintwork?

Paolo Gaborni says:

sDrive is the RWD BMWs and xDrive is the AWD BMWs

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