ROXGT V8 HomeMade Race Car Project

ROXGT V8 HomeMade Race Car Project

ROXGT V8 HomeMade Race Car Project


Engine – Chevrolet 350
Transmission – Audi 01E
Brakes front – 330mm, 6 piston caliper
Brakes rear – BMW 540 E39

Width 1902
Lenght 4099
Hight 1104

Track front/rear 1592/1598
Wheelbase 2543

Rim front
Rim rear

Tires front
Tires rear



James Pearce says:

Awesome builds! What talent! I love cars, especially one off originals. OMG! How much time and money went into these cars?

PNGman says:

Very interesting to see the build process! Am planning on doing something like this in the future

abdulmoiz jamil says:

you have my respect man 😌

Muhammad Arham says:

This is awesome! Well done, it's beautiful.

Legião dos Opalas says:

Awesome bro! What transmission did you use? I mean, what "gear box"? Sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian. Thanks

kamal bhardwaj says:

Which material did you use to build this chassis

metroboomin says:

whoa way too many ads. it's a collage of pictures with really shitty free music, please don't be so greedy and self absorbed

Martyx Plays says:

Awesome if i could give one milion likes i would do it great job

stinkyfungus says:

Any vids of this homespun beastie on the track or road?

I want to see it run. Looks damn good, if it runs as good as it looks you have a winner.

thuan dang hoa says:

i want to see finish product

GueradeDB says:

Just Grat job!!!

Aleksandr Kornyushkin says:

Супер авто, ты крут, 👍 музыка гавно 🙀

Ahmed Zh says:

Awesome job but the car chassis is not strong in case of accident

CeSayrise says:

Just try to imagine all the work put there … i mean , look at that interior , it is absolutely stunning

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