Solenoid Engine Car | Diy Tutorial | ONE MILLION VIEWS!!!

Solenoid Engine Car | Diy Tutorial | ONE MILLION VIEWS!!!

let’s make a solenoid engine Car. You may have seen many videos of making solenoid engine car online. There are hundreds of such videos on youtube. But this project is entirely different. We designed it in a way how automobile engines work. You can see many components similar to those in an internal combustion engine. You can see, pistons, connecting rod, crank, crankshaft, cylinder, cylinder head, flywheel etc. An IC engine works by the explosion of fuel inside the cylinder, whereas in solenoid engine the driving force is Electromagnetism. piston engine, solenoid engine diagram, solenoid engine how it works.



Atlinson Xiao says:

more like a real car piston engine

Keval Pandya says:

How to make engine ??

Keval Pandya says:

Please don't make this this is fack it used my much time and money

Akhilroyal Aki says:

excuse me Sir….
really it's a very good job…
I have some doubts …
I need ur help…
so kindly consider my request and txt me…
9908575817 it's my number …
I have opted this as project…
Sir it's mandatory to exhibit dis project….
so I need ur guidance….

ganitha, gutta says:

It's very nice but I don't have materials to make it

hamburgtech says:

Now make it RC car 😉

Anime Lovers Indonesia says:

tangan lu burik 😊

muthu pandi says:

any one completed this solenoid engine car

muthu pandi says:

any one completed this solenoid engine car

Manoj kumar royal says:

Wht type of magnets you have used


how to power supply to the crankshaft….


Very nice bro

Rupendran Rupee says:

Pls let me know

Rupendran Rupee says:

does it work

Samayan Kumar says:

super Pro semma

rukun gupta says:

can we use rectangular Magnets instead of cylindrical​ magnets

Saeed Bawazir says:

Excellent very educational

Raj Baidya says:

new physicist,please explain the need of slip contacts nd make nd break arrangement

Motto Manna says:

bro need you help can i get your contact number??

Vishal MV says:

Great craft👌

Raj Baidya says:

please tell me where do u get fibre reeper…..its urgent

kuldeep gujela says:

kuldeep gujela good vidvo

Mosin Bagwan says:

athom camera

Ornob Sojeeb says:

you are so great…

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