The 5 First Mods You Have To Do To Your Car

The 5 First Mods You Have To Do To Your Car

On this episode, Alex explains what the first mods should be on your car. He goes through what performance parts to do, as well as the aesthetics. Do you agree with him? What were the first 5 mods you did to your car? Don’t forget to like, comment, and as always, subscribe!

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Fitment Industries says:

What were your first mods? Dont forget to check out

Jaysway13 says:

Where tf are brakes

SydneyChromatic says:

remove aero from list … Add in ECU/TUNE

Imagine Wagons says:

2012 Ford Focus Mods:
3:Muffler delete
4:Resonator delete
5:Window tint


Hey guys it's Alex from hoonigan garage

Reinout says:

First mod SHOULD be learn how to drive your car properly. This is regardless of any mods you do

Cbass says:

1st thing watch fast n furious then gotto autozone buy rainbow lugnuts with a led stick shift noob and cup holder with extra velcro dont forget 2 air freshners go home order x20 turbo stickers online maybe a few purple light bulbs for the interior and then save-up your money for a fart-can exhaust then make a video to show your freinds so they can give you mad props and maybe join a car club to get a logo on windsheild which looks cool and adds horsepower then you try to drift in your front wheel drive car pulling the emergency brake and crash into a tree in albertsons parking lot late at night

lucas holtkamp says:

My first car "mod" was a fake hood scoop for my dad's '99' Nissan Micra

Haze Airsoft says:

Lmao my first car is a 4 door corolla😂

DPGaming says:

glue the headliner back on my m3

Silenced 505 says:

#1 Tint your windows lol I always tint my windows first, maybe I'm just weird.

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