THE SKID FACTORY – 1973 Mazda RX3 [Build Review]

THE SKID FACTORY – 1973 Mazda RX3 [Build Review]

This week on the Skid Factory we dig into one of the builds that Al has been a part of over the last few years, in this case a mint 73 Mazda RX3 that’s had lots of time, effort and money spent on it by owner Luke who originally bought it as a rolling shell.

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sf2372 says:

Thought it was rain i could hear in the Bground, that would be a weapon in the wet. Yeah nah lol.

Anthony Fuoco says:

This is a good little series to give Al some hand-healing time, keep em coming!

Al: I have seen you use uninsulated brass crimps on a few occasions when splicing wires into wiring harnesses. What are they called/where are you getting those? I have scoured the internet and I haven't found anything of the sort. I have seen them used in a few OEM Nissan harnesses, and I really like them.

SaTaNeAtChEeSe IV says:

I Googled rotary engineย and all I got were plane engines…

JC says:

Never seen one of the before and this one looks absolutely stunning! Screw the KPGC10, this might just be my new favorite of 70's JDM.

The Vibe says:

that's actually a good sound for a rotary. impressive!

bushiebodge says:

as i find this stuff amazing and im useless with my hands and unmachanically minded
its great how you show and explain stuff it is appreciated thanks

Xblisit Josh says:

You should do a car that needs hard lines, to show us how to ๐Ÿ˜

Xblisit Josh says:

That's a beauty Al, Exceptional ๐Ÿ‘

RL Agito says:

a nice classic car again

ValladolidArde says:

Amazing build, respect to all involved

Rotary_Tyrant says:

The internet has spoken Mr. Yoda… The next build shall be a Rotary… Or else… We'll be sad or something

Michael Sidhu says:

Hope you make more of these videos showcasing previous builds. Keep up the excellent work guys. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

John Hoare says:

This Car give's me the FIZZ .

dwayne powley says:

Fucking sounds insane

Jarek Rymut says:

Amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jonty Staples says:

Brap Brap + Suuuuutututu = A lot Smiles

Not Today Buddy says:

@mcmtv2 rotary build soon? You know you want to Al. If I had the coin, I'd commission you to do it to my car, which begs for a rotary.

shawnmeyer44 says:

I always have wondered why you use deadhead style fuel systems. I know there's builds where they make sense for packaging etc. But why do you like them so much?

davespiros says:

Don't put shit tyres on your fast car! – that's an MCM T-shirt idea if there ever was one!!

DoctorZututu says:

wow wow WOW!! this video reminds my why I subscribed to this channel few years back

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