Top 10 Weird, Extreme & Amazing Homemade Vehicles

Top 10 Weird, Extreme & Amazing Homemade Vehicles

In this video you will see 10 interesting homemade vehicles that you don’t see everyday.

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Hungarocopter HC-02 2017.08.21 -by: Árpád Szabó

Major Payne Test Drive 1 -by: Straight Up Racing

Monster Truck Tank Conversion -by: KNfilters

Bagged Rat Rod Trike: 190hp Snowmotrike?
-by: Tinman 2 Kustoms

Road Hauk Steam Jeep -by: AMSOIL INC.

Sturgis 2017 Hauk Steam powered Jeep! -by: Nick47

Hauk steam Jeep under hood 1 -by: Nick47

самодельный гусеничный вездеход на базе жигулей
-by: Евгений Курганский

Home built scratch car using a motorcycle engine (ZZR 1100)
-by: cryptkicker055


Modifikasi pontianak(lamborghini veneno) -by: modifikasi

Black Pearl aus FUEL ZWEI [2/2015] -by: MOTORRAD



Smoke Cloud says:

If the guy in the helicopter would have stood up he would have been decapitated

Andrew Robert says:

"Now lets see what she can do"

Wise Guy4U says:

That helicopter is the best. It FLEW!

Dan Kowcun says:

First one looks like a death trap. Cool, but very scary.

JJ Ryan says:

At first I thought it was a jeep espresso machine but I was wrong. It was a jeep meat smoker.

The lambo was made in Indonesia.

P.N Pandey says:

Looks like lykin hypersport.

-Sidon- says:

Damn, that Lambo would actually look hella slick with a paintjob.

Magy van Kuchen says:

3:21 reminds me on "bikermice from mars" does anybody knows this nice cartoon from the 90's?

BAIM Property BATAM says:

Helicopternya lucu brooo

lowbuckfabrication says:

Builds All aluminum car….."just put primed steel wheels on itll be fine"

Aniket Belsare says:

Everyone is talking about helicopter in comment section, i must appreciate for that beautiful helicopters😍😍😍👌👌👌👌

Leonardo Gregorio says:

I really want a steam bike for my 5 year old

Edit : of course with helmet on, its fast

K says:

Rust Minicopter!

Max Oneill says:

The helicooter guy looked safe. Had a helmet on.

R8cer Ex says:

That helicopter was sketch AF!

Jithin Jithin says:

I like the chopper

jack l says:

that's the only jeep that impressed me

Rand Amonium says:

The steam locomotive Jeep would make Fred Dibnah Drool! I wish he could have seen it! awesome!

Hex Mac says:

I thought building this sort of stuff was illegal.

Cynthia Bonsignore says:

I suppose the first one that solves the problem of City traffic

Manolo Ramirez says:

All fun and games til you knock your head off 150ft in the air

Lol Bcd says:

I like vidios you brader


First helicopter is very dangerous. No protector.

김김선구 says:

보기만 해도 무섭다

머리통 날라갈드

Hakim Abd Rahman says:

C'est vrai C'est vrai

Hakim Abd Rahman says:

C'est vrai C'est vrai

DankerDude says:

2:54 he loved that LOL

Gerardo Mendez says:

I like the concept of the last one that bike

Gerardo Mendez says:

I’m confused with the Jeep like why

nikhil jr says:

Y is surrounding so less airy during helicopter swing..🙄

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