Top 5: Car tech upgrades (On Cars)

Top 5: Car tech upgrades (On Cars)

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Brian Cooley runs through five cool car technologies that you might consider adding to your car.

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NFL YoungBoy says:

Is there such thing as aftermarket sideview mirrors

karacho30 says:

jess why this bzz taser sound makes me ill

Mark Olson says:

Because of this video
I put a new head unit in my car for Apple Carplay…. Thanks Cooley

Gabriel Montague says:

Blind spot detection is a con by manufacturers to sell you more crap. if driving instructions taught people how to correctly adjust the mirrors it will not be needed

Achim Haun says:

Number 4 is actually illegal in Germany

mad cat says:

Can you check your car from any smart watch ?
Or do you need specific watches that cost 100$ +

mboxjani jago says:

Stupidity at its finest
700-800$ for a sony alpine or pioneer???
Man chinese aftermarket headunits not that are twice cheaper but also are 100% compatible with your car and are also wayyy more functional and limitless than those brand ones.

PS: They are made by the people that made your phone (your iphone)

wavemen21 says:

Kipkay is that you ? 😀

James Baxter says:

Have you seen any thing to do with driving in rain,fog, Show people walking or on a bike

sadman hoque says:

you also watch MCM's video about using an old tablet for getting an android/apple interface on an old car pretty much for free

Ge Qu says:

Cooley deserves his own show.

Moses Megalli says:

It is great to see you again Mr. Brian Cooley , we love your YouTube videos.

Ted Roberts says:

Thank you buddy. You saved my Malibu 2013 hate fkn my link.

Michael Leibowitz says:

If you adjust your mirrors properly, you won't have any blind spots.

MBisFrenchy says:

Anyone know of a good replacement head unit for a Maserati GranTurismo?

JustAnotherPerson says:

I vote for an OBD-II tool vid

jalene150 says:

Number 1 is by far my favorite about modern day cars.

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