Top 5 First Car Mods – Without Sacrificing Daily Drivability

Top 5 First Car Mods – Without Sacrificing Daily Drivability

What Are The Best First Car Mods?
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What are the best ways to improve your car, without sacrificing daily drivability? Let’s break down five different solid ideas:
1. Tires. They’re the most important thing about your car, period.
2. Brakes. It’s good to stop. Especially if you’re going to add power.
3. LSD. Not the drug. We want a slide happy car.
4. Final Drive. More ratio. More wheel torque. More smiles.
5. Exhaust. Shed those pounds. A heavy car is a dull car.

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nowknow says:

1) New emblem [GT, Type-R, etc]
2) Fake exhaust tip
3) Pawnshop Sub woofers
4) Plasti-dip'd wheels
5) Bubbly window tint

Kenny says:

Something to add: Short shifter, optimizing airflow.

No Name says:

1.) Cut Springs
3.) 45 Degree Chamber

No Name says:

"I don't need AC, my car has windows."

Playfer says:

1) Sell your car
2) Buy a faster one

Hubert M says:

Who needs the other 3 seats it's weight reduction and better mpg!

Hubert M says:

#6: slap on a fat turbo running 30 psi bigger cams, only the header for exhaust and a AutoZone cold air intake, and do not change the internals. That thing will be more reliable than an old volvo

uralsmol says:

but which one should i do first 🤔🤔🤔🤔 i got a 2018 toyota 86 and on a budget ☹️ i wanna do stuff to my car 😩

Myles Hicks says:

5 mods for daily drivability
1) Solid motor mounts
2) Straight pipe exhaust
3) Dog box transmission
4) Dirt nasty, cheap, track suspension
5) Welded diff

Juan Pablo Munoz says:

When you said LSD I thought, “well that came out of nowhere.”

Hector Nonayurbusiness says:

Don't take LSD dudes it's bad for you

Shin Dragon says:

1. tires
2. brakes
3. lsd
4. final drive ratio
5. exhaust


Noorquacker says:

1) straightpipe
2) bright green paint
3) race stripes
4) gold rims & drill brake rotors
5) kilowatt sound system

Cal Miller says:

Daily driver mods for BRZ/FR-S
1 Cold air intake
2 Unequal length headers
3 Cat-back exhaust
4 Tune
5 Tires and Rims

These cars have only one major flaw and it's power, unless you're on the track or driving like a moron these will change the one major problem and increase the fun factor on a already terrific car.

guitarlover302 says:

At last intelligent informed car advice 👍

karlo gorospe says:

Do you also sacrifice gas consumption on changing final drive?

Sean Polley says:

How do you get clear audio? An external camera would just get a lot of wind noise at speed.

Anon says:

Get a better engine

inertiaforce says:

I love your metering how youre measuring G Force, intake temp, throttle %, rpm, etc, awesome. Haha.

Aerial Snack says:

Are LSDs good for All-Wheel Drive vehicles? You didn't mention them. If it's better for RWD and FWD I'd assume it'd be the same for AWD

GioGuitarDude says:

Haha keep the catalytic converter… that’s funny right there.

Remigus Ker says:

4.3 is crazy to me since I'm used to v8 powered cars. A gear like that is typically a track or even a drag gear. Of course the brz also spins some 2k higher than many v8s, save the Coyote with is just loony in the way it spins for such a big motor.

Wilson Law says:

Whats this final drive you're tlaking about? Do you mean ecu flashing? Sorry im a noob. And also, does the obd reader you bought shows in Kms?

namelesuser says:

Does changing your final drive effect gas mileage?

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