TR-82 EXO Homemade Race Car Project

TR-82 EXO Homemade Race Car Project

TR-82 EXO Homemade Race Car Project
Project by : Badermatic
Badermatic Youtube Channel :
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Dwi Nugraha says:

Nice car. From me in bali

ffiirrssttddrriivvee says:

Ist's soooooooo wow!!!

Jcustom Design & Application says:

Awesome work

badermatic says:

Wow! I just came across this post by sheer luck. I am the owner of the car above. Am flattered that someone would deem the vehicle worthy of creating a photo synopsis. Cheral Auto must have dug deep to find these pics. I probably would have cherry picked some of the better ones and chosen some different tunes. Anyway, glad some folks like the car…….

Luis Antonio Alves da Silva says:

ariel aton ;;;;copia;;;;;;iyes;;;;

MrDiplomata says:

Nice project! But terrible music…

skylos 743 says:

Και μονο που το βλεπεις σου'ρχεται να μπεις μεσα απο την οθονη να το οδηγησεις

Norm LaDuke says:

Are you from the Plattsburgh area, or somewhere close?It looked like some pics were at the Malone car show.

deneycilik gurubu says:

Three music name ?

agg man says:

Perfect car!!!! Congratulation

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