When DIY projects go bad, a lesson in mechanics

When DIY projects go bad, a lesson in mechanics

What turned out to be a painless motor mount replacement ended up taking much longer. Working on your own vehicle is a nice skill to have, but sometimes it has it’s downfalls, like the unintended breakage of other parts. In the end the car is running again, and still for less money than sending it to a mechanic.



9HighFlyer9 says:

Shit happens, but I respect you for putting your mistake on YouTube. That takes balls, never know how the internet will respond.

One time I was fixing a friends car, I broke a dealer only part through my stupidity. Cost me $25 and a ride for him to work.

White Tiger says:

Anyone that has worked on vehicles before has had similar issues and if they tell you any different they are probably lying.

PhelixJMech says:

You dick u jacked off the ps pump diddnt you?

CDubs HasIt says:

When I was first starting out as an apprentice I put a hole through an oil pan with a jack and it took me 20 total hours to get a new oil pan on there(wayyyyyyy over engineered car). So don't feel too bad it can always be worse.

Lorrin Barth says:

This isn't DIY gone bad, this is just a little bit of extra work. Turn on the radio and get out the wrenches, its a great day.

jeff wrench says:

This is an example of a job gone bad? Shit this is nothing compared to other things that go bad. When you're a real mechanic you hear much bigger stories than this.

james aighewi says:

Hi don't be down for accidentally bumping into something while fixing your car. It happens to everyone one time or another. Even the most experienced Mechanics and all go through this but they don't tell you this. So it's not bcuz it was a diy project, it's just that it happens sometimes and makes you stronger. So keep your head up and be proud bcuz you did a good job, figured it out and fixed the problem yourself, that's what matters.

Garth Goldberg says:

These things happen. That's how you learn. $14 for a new part is no big deal. Make sure you're using the best tools for the job. The tube fittings require flare nut wrenches. Be careful what you're wrenching on. Watch South Main Auto and Thomas EXOVCDS. Eric on South Main Auto always uses power tools but he's always working on rusty bolts. Thomas is a real pro and never forces or breaks anything. Use the right size tool for the job.

stuzman says:

Trust me, as you know, things do happen and it happens to everyone at one time or another. It's good that you're one of the few that do work on your own vehicle. Take care…

Rigoberto Dimas says:

dumb ass if you didn't know what you were doing you shoulda just left it alone since day one I've never broken anything off of a car or a truck I've even have to fix somebody else's fuck up that's when I made my extra money and I never give him back the keys untill all my money is paid up and I don't accept checks either I did accept the check one time and it was bad the guy ended up in the hospital for it I c u

Nathan unknown says:

Your philosophy is the best when dealing with modern FWD vehicles. The planned obsolescence from the design tables only reaffirms said philosophy. At least you didn't loose out on the extra mechanic bill, so silver linings I guess.

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