Wltoys K989 1 28 Rc Drift Project Episode2 Neccessary Car Upgrades And Mods For Kyosho Mini Z Clone

Wltoys K989 1 28 Rc Drift Project Episode2 Neccessary Car Upgrades And Mods For Kyosho Mini Z Clone

Wltoys k989 1/28 Rc drift project episode2 is about five DIY car upgrades and mods for Kyosho mini z

5 ways to improve the car handling and extending the lifetime of the motor and ESC

The first improvement to the car handling is fine-tuning the shock setup and get a fast reacting shock at the front and slow at the rear by removing the preload clips at the rear shock and adding one to the front shocks

The second drift mod is improving the steering angle by moving the steering servo ball joint one place up to get the maximum wheel angle for counter steer (CS)

The third DIY upgrade is zero toe at the rear wheels by adding a rubber band running over rear left axle underneath the shock over the chassis underneath the right shock and over the axle again
Makes the rubberband pull on both axles towards the rear creating zero toe on the rear wheels

so they don’t fight each other when your going sideways true corners and there is less play on the wheels improving the car handling

The fourth mod is moving the ESC and receiver away from the hot engine keeping the ESC cooler and moving weight away from the rear improving the car weight balance and drifting

The Fifth Upgrade is adding a 5v cooling fan from 25mm by 25mm next to the motor to keep it cool and extending the lifetime but you need a 5v BEC to running of the 2s lipo JST plug

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RcNickster says:

Nice mods. Well done!! Looks great . The rubber band was a brilliant idea.. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

Kacper Duc says:

Can i use mini z bodies with it?

K .Morizou says:

nice one ! very cool

MrE says:

Some great mods and ideas ,thanks!
I'm wondering if the Sinohobby motor on banggood might be a worthwhile upgrade if it's compatible,have you considered it?

Looking forward to the diff lock and more in this series.

Remote Addicted says:

Great mods 👌

Ground Control RC says:

Very good information on how to make this drift car even better. I'm looking forward to more of your suggestions and MODs. Happy Driving!

Electrical_Dynamo says:

sweet mod bro like from me

Criminal FPV says:

Nice mod bro' looks sweet! 👊😎

Beaver's Hobby says:

That rubber band is genius, simple yet effective.

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