19 Hacks That’ll Make Any Messy Garage An Organized Thing Of Beauty

19 Hacks That’ll Make Any Messy Garage An Organized Thing Of Beauty

Let’s be honest with ourselves: most of our garages are absolute disaster zones.
Sure there’s some organization – a couple bins here and there, maybe a few shovels hanging on the wall, but besides that, many garages are absolute free-for-alls, full of miscellaneous objects scattered about with little to no sense of organization. Garages like this can be a huge waste of time when you have a project you want to get done but can’t find the tools you need.
So folks, let’s get ourselves together and organize our garages the right way, saving some space while we’re at it!

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the4thj says:

As a professional contractor overhead storage WILL sag your garage ceiling. Because it's doing it right now, and I'll be angle ironing the afters atop soon.

Mercury Gryphon says:

number 7…. that's not even a shelf. those are bins and a cleat style attachment system to the wall. GREAT idea for vertical mounting/storage for such bins… but you could at least put effort into understanding, much less explaining, what you are showing people in your content.

Biff 1 Tannen says:

Comandore 64 voice👎

Gabriel Rutkevich says:

this is dog trash

Reebert McJunk says:


doctor moreau says:

Horrible all recycled info put to a ridiculous robot voice. You guys suck and should be shut down

2001pontiacta says:

Yep can’t watch this with this voice sry👎🏼

Alan Schreiber says:

HACK? You cannot "hack" a pile of tools.

R Baker says:

Hate the voice

Sidney Wallace says:

Just an FYI. Most people HATE the computer voice. I won't watch just because of that voice.

Kelly Southerland says:

Computer voice sucks ,don't watch

Reach For The Sky says:

Worst of these suggestions fall under “head to the home improvement store to buy a crap ton of wood”, but what if you don’t have that kind of bank? And what if use your garage as a storage area as well? The video appears to address only active items. Some of the suggestions are worthy. But a 5:48 video…

D Kuzzin says:

This is horrible…

FGX318 says:

I can't believe you use the google voice to talk during this video !!

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