1968 Ford Torino GT Full Restoration – Muscle Car Project

1968 Ford Torino GT Full Restoration – Muscle Car Project

Restoration process of a 1968 Ford Torino GT. Watch as this tired 50 year old muscle car gets rebuilt. From acid dipping to buffing the clear coat and adding the finishing touches. This classic car also gets a few modern upgrades.


Engine: Ford 390 c.i. (6.4L V8)
Engine Upgrades: Edelbrock top end kit, FiTech fuel injection
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Suspension: HEIDTS
Brakes: Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes
Interior: Dakota Digital gauges, Vintage Air AC system, Dynamat
sound deadening, Hurst shifter

Restored by:
1045 Arrowsmith St.
Eugene, OR 97402

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Red Jaden says:

Why did you remove the factory's lead work on the quarter panels?

Aldo Mendozzi says:

Is ford fairlane in argentina.


It's like a child…it may be SUPER UGLY…. BUT I LOVE IT!

TheGearhead222 says:

Beautful work! That is ALOT of elbow grease!-John in Texas (Chased all parts for 1/63 Falcon Tudor-Sold 19 years later in Hemmings)-John in Texas

Thomas Bailey says:

Great restoration job! Brings back memories of my mom's 69 Torino GT in Gulfstream Aqua, with white interior and stripe. It was a neat car while I was growing up.

Carmie Thompson says:

I like the Magnum 500 rims from Ford. The only aftermarket rims that look good on this car to me are the Keystone Klassic's. Beautiful resto., your skill is greatly admired & appreciated. One more descent muscle car back on the road. I like happy endings/beginnings.

Gamle Ole says:

I hate those ads. They are getting longer and more boring.

phill ollard says:

Now that's just plain nice 👍 great work

Sharif Smith says:

I don't know how you guys keep tricking me into watching these long videos… Oh… maybe I love watching y'all work. Great Resto

wmalden says:

Beautiful restoration. Superb metal fabrication! Had a 1968 Falcon Futura Sports Coupe and I can see some of the same “DNA” in this Torino. SUPER job, guys!

MrFluffysteel says:

That undercarriage is tits!

Paul Carter says:

That's better…

Mike Brown says:

Beautiful job, but way too much work. Brings back memories. My best friend's parents had a Torino like that but red with white stripes and white interior and had a hood scoop. I really enjoyed riding in that car.

Yasin Durak says:

Waow waow waooww

Christopher Joseph says:

The only reason I would have kept that horrid color is if it was restored to factory spec. So many mods on this one, I would have changed the color.

The Mighty Cass says:

Is this one of those things where if you ask how much it cost you probably can't afford it?

zubyruby says:

i might have cum in my pants during this video

Did You Reset it ? says:

Can you explain how you restored the dash?

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