25 Must Do DIY Projects

25 Must Do DIY Projects

There are so many great things about DIY projects. By making items yourself, you save money, you entertain yourself, improve your skillfulness and the final product perfectly suits your tastes. And many DIY projects don’t take as much time or dexterity as you would think. From a wooden pallets coach to a ladder bookshelf, get inspired by these 25 cool DIY projects and start turning seemingly useless things into wonderful creations and designs.

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Check out these creative DIY Projects:

Wrap some yarn or rope around a jar, paint it with your favorite color and peel the yarn away once it gets dry. You will get an amazing luminary for tea lights or candles.

With this original DIY decoration, you can always tell apart your keys easily.

Get this super useful cutting board drawer. Just drill a circular hole in the board and put a waste container underneath.

What can an empty lotion bottle be good for? Make a stylish cell phone charging holder out of it!

Create cool personalized mugs with a sharpie marker. Just write whatever you want on the cup and bake it for 30 minutes to make the inscription permanent.

Don’t want to spend money on expensive furniture? Make an awesome couch from wooden pallets.

Make original stone wall hooks by gluing the stones to screws.

Speaking of stones, you can also try to create this lovable pebble placemat. Just use a hot glue gun to glue beach pebbles to a piece of wood or cloth.

Cut open a glow stick, shake the content into a jar and add some glitters. Seal the top and shake it. You are left with a fantastic firefly jar lantern.

An empty wine barrel can serve as a baby cradle. Just make sure there is no wine left in it.

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Massimo Matassa says:

The rainbow is pretty useless…

Gary C. Smith says:

I have built a couple of furniture using this plan [Link Here==https://plus.google.com/109305854848533008884/posts/KcgzNKE47JS ]. They were very easy to use and understand. The claims made about this product was just as it is.

Nicola Nicola says:

i liked some of them 🙂 but why did the creator not show how to make the stuff? :,(

Kool Aid Mom Pru says:

bake the sharpie mugs at what temp for 30 min

Pete Hargreaves says:

Yeah, I really want a smell waste bin under my food when I'm cutting it!!

Cute Diys 123 says:


unclealand says:

I stopped at #8. Why would anyone want to have or do stuff like this?

diyyala niharika says:

not interested

Tina Gallagher says:

I've been DIY'er growing up because we didn't have money.

KeepItSimpleStupid says:

I love how he suggests smearing paint all over your car wind shield like he's revealing the secret to ever lasting life.

Laurahhh says:

most of this is soooo tacky!!!!

Divergent Droid says:

Flat Earth coffee cup Here I Come!

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