7 DIY Projects THEN and NOW: Did They Last?? Find Out! – Thrift Diving

7 DIY Projects THEN and NOW: Did They Last?? Find Out! – Thrift Diving

https://ThriftDiving.com – What happens to a DIY project after a blogger posts the DIY tutorial? Did the project last or was it really a DIY fail? Come find out how 7 of my DIY projects *REALLY* turned over over months and years!

Here are the blog post links for all the projects referenced in the video! Go back to the blog for complete tutorials!

#1 – Custom Painted Welcome Mat:

#2 – DIY Tub and Shower Refinishing:

#3 – How to Build a DIY Bathroom Vanity From Scratch

#4 – DIY Painted Stairs Makeover:

#5 – Garage Workbench Makeover:

#6 – Upcycled Picture Frame and Pallets Into a Coffee Table:

#7 – My Pretty Office Makeover:

See the rest of my PROJECT GALLERY here:


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Mandy Casey says:

I can't believe the doormat lasted through a power wash! And I love that your garage isn't quite as clean as it was when you left it. Makes me feel like it's not just me. 🙂

Kai Black says:

I love your work. You need your own show. I would so watch it. The shower is mine as well. We are in the process of doing the same with our shower. I do have a question??? I am going to be doing diy Barbie doll house for my daughter for her birthday in November and I plan on finding some sort of book case. Do you have any suggestions that I will need in this process???

Fairyland Cottage says:

Really enjoying all your videos! X

Dianna Johnston says:

You are so inspirational!!!!!! I love how you just put yourself out there!! You are no afraid of the vulnerabilities at all. I love that you are so real in everything. Proud of your accomplishments and fortitude!!

Valerie Mathews says:

The shower job was amazing.

madhousenmich says:

For your shower drain OXO makes a bathtub drain protector that doesn't need to be screwed down. The rim around this drain protector is rubber and it stops hair from going down the drain. I found it at target, it works great and looks amazing. I had the same problem as you my old drain cover didn't fit and it looked bad. The OXO cover look sos nice, I'm glad I found it

Evelyn J. Amponsah says:

Serena when I watch your blogs I know all will work out. So all were my favorite I just think some things will fade, chip etc. because of normal wear. You are the best. Thxs for Sharing and inspiring. Love your office space.

Mr Green eyes says:

I like all your projects serena iam well impressed with the office and vanity unit for a young mum who has 3 young children you are inspirational… keep it up best wishes phil 😎 x England uk 👍

wildforesable says:

Mat surprised me the most. Just knew it would've last. Vanity drawers as well thought they would hold up. This is a great video. Always wonder if things work after a while.

glassmaker58 says:

I'm surprised about the shower, wow I have an idea now. Also what paint did you use for the garage floor?

Rambling Rose says:

I did wonder about the shower holding up but you really did a careful job .I moved into my small studio in the city ,to a freshly painted tub but it wasn't done well ,looking at it I do not even think they washed the tub never mind the way you shaved the soap film off and really cleaned it to get the surface ready .No taping on mine spray on the tiles where it meets tub and the paint washed away on the bottom of the tub in 3 months gradually paint ,hunks everywhere .I wish they had not even attempted it what a mess now.We as tenants are not allowed to do any sort of painting or changing things ,but great job on your shower 🙂

AnneP makeupandmore says:

You are amazing my friend! I wish I had the talent you have!

Venius Lawrence says:

The shower I thought would have cracked by now. Awesome Job

CarolJ2013 says:

OK, I gotta say your garage just makes me cringe! The one thing I miss most about since moving into a townhome is the lack of garage to park my car. I spend too much money on my car to want to leave it out in the weather all the time, not to mention I don't like having to walk in the rain to get from the car to the house! 😀 I LOVE that you did this video. The biggest surprises were the doormat and the shower. Well done!

Kayinfso Here says:

Lovely…thanks for sharing

philander222 says:

Great idea.

Chitownfinest67 says:

I am so happy you made a video like this, I have yet to see anyone do this (not that they aren't out there)
I'm a new subscriber and now I just went and joined you Blog. I look forward to seeing more. You are truly helping me with ideas, and the know how. THANK YOU!

Penny Proper says:

Surprised by the shower…

Cynthia Robles says:

Love this video! Glad you are putting out more content…love what you did in your basement area!

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