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In today’s video I go over our plans for our new garage and start clearing out the area where it will reside 😀

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Handeeman says:

Confused about solar? Check out our Off Grid Solar Basics course 😉

Toyota Rex says:

It's pronounced YOO-CUH. 🙃

Michael Meacham says:

Why are you building your garage so far away from the house?

lunnuma says:

I've seen yuccas sold for $100 per vertical foot (so e.g. $500 for a five-foot plant), and relatively small fishhook barrels sold for $150. That being said, I'd personally try to transplant your vegetation to other locations on your property, since they add lots of character to the landscape.

Domn8tor says:

What song is being played while you be a-diggin (10 minutes in)?

Sweet November says:

Ok so a serious question… what is the pt of making several smaller buildings instead of making one larger building? Seems like you are disturbing more land that way

Randall Smith says:

Why not a American tractor? Buy U.S.

Tdot girl Sammy girl come up says:

yo your so cool eh love the videos : D

Offerer says:

Could I get a link to this company who does the diy garages?

Kelly Regina says:

Why not make a bigger house and not just a big garage. What if hannah wants to open up a yoga studio in the future or something else that you cant forsee just yet

Douglas Dahlhauser says:

Are you planning on capturing the rainwater onto the garage roof? Great videos!

Himanshu Pant says:

the cat is dying to get some attention

Himanshu Pant says:

i like your t shirt

morbomm says:

Building a tiny house and then adding giant garage so you have some room for working… yeah that sounded bitter I just don't understand the logic. Why not start with reasonable sized house?

Holly's Vegan Life says:

kitty!! how sweet

Chuck Haynes says:

Why ya gotta say "Tiny House"? It makes you sound like a sissy. In the American west we have "Cabins" and eat meat. There is an invasion of city slickers trying to change our life style. If you move to the rural west respect where you are and who lives there already…..just sayin'.

MJ Cristal says:

I like how you brought back the 'untz, untz, untz, untz' music.

Mike Loder says:

Are you a serial killer? Pat that cat!

Tom Jones says:

Isn't a metal outbuilding in the desert going to be like an oven inside?

Taka Yama says:

I eat a heap of things that go baffroom, aka, poop. Cattle, deer, rabbits, squirrel, fish, mmmm, if it doesn't poop, it tastes like goop. Did you know plants poop? Yep. Pollen. Think about it, pollen. Ewwwww…. it give you allergy. They also drop leaves and needles, all over! And sap. What kind of word is that? Sap. Sounds like a homeless coyote.

DJ Shanghai says:

I kind of like what you are doing, but I honestly cannot stomach your don't eat anything that poops thingy. You don't really grow anything, so you are dependent on society to provide you everything. I really like your self reliance, but you still shop at Central market or Whole foods (Amazon). They kill animals. So yur kinda bogus…
You still get your garbage hauled by sanitation engineers.
Yur a poser. But I do like you.

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