Building the Dream Garage: Swisstrax Flooring Install

Building the Dream Garage: Swisstrax Flooring Install

I hadn’t even heard about Swisstrax until I met Matt. It looked cool, but I was confused as to why anyone would want it. After seeing it in person and learning more I fell in love – this should clear a lot of things up! LIMITED EDITION UGLY CHRISTMAS GEAR –

Swisstrax Modular Flooring –

I can’t thank Matt enough for all the help he has given me with this garage project. Next up is garage door conversion, lift, cabinets, fans, more lights, and AC! So much fun.

Matt’s Channel –

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Corey Smith says:


Thaenatos says:

Cool and all, but what a PITA when you spill something …that clean up has to suck. My rocksolid painted floors just need a wipe down and good to go, and if you do a real coating over a cheaper epoxy youll get actual durability.

Joyride Moto says:

Get a cummins

drew creager says:

Get a 2016 dodge cummins 2500 and I have a mini tanner fox bike and I was wandering if I was to send it to you you would put it in one if you videos on your skate park have any questions email me at +drew creager

Adam Treaster says:

Get the 16. You're not getting a truck for performance

Alvaro Lopez says:

It looks good, but not functional. Good luck on cleaning dirt, oil and whatever else comes along.

Jaco Oosthuizen says:

Imagine all the dust under there in a few months and instead of just mopping which is easy you have to pull up each tile and then clean….0.o
Not every garage is there to store cars, Grinders and doing woodwork. Sheesh.

j coyote says:

I don't see the point but looks good 👍🏽

Chad Sarchiapone says:

can I buy ur spoiler or sell me where to get one please
ur videos are awesome

Edwin XOF says:

Get a 2500 chevy high country

Pand says:

Adam hi, over the pond here in UK we paint our garage floors with anti-slip paint, its drys to a semi shine and is easy to keep clean and you don't get too much dust build up. Love your channel, keep it up. Pete

PhineasFunk says:

u should paint ur garage bro like grey half and black lil blocks and

CDIMotorsport says:

damn he is a solid mofo

Razors Edge says:

Fucking over $1500 for a 2 car garage. I can have my 3 car garage epoxy coated with a badass paint job for under $700 and I can sweep and wash away any fluids as well. This is way too expensive to even be with it.

LGHD3 says:

i race BMX bikes and i want to start park riding should i?

SumoSwiss says:

schwiizer daa?

Nick Wilson says:

Get the 17 diesel with the king ranch with the led head lights

The Rickster says:

Don't get the aluminum body your screwed if you get into a wreck

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