DIY Bike Rack for $20 / Bike Storage Stand & Cabinet for Garage | Crafted Workshop

DIY Bike Rack for $20 / Bike Storage Stand & Cabinet for Garage | Crafted Workshop

Build article: In this video, I show you how to make a DIY bike rack for $20! This rack is perfect for bike storage in your garage, apartment, etc. The only tool needed is a drill! Enjoy, and hopefully this woodworking project will help your bike area become a little more organized.

Materials Used for DIY Bike Rack:

2 x 8 foot long 2×4
Bike Hooks:
3 ½” screws:

Tools Used in the DIY Bike Rack Build:

Bosch HDS183-02 18V Hammer Drill/Driver :
DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver :
DEWALT FLEXVOLT 120V MAX Compound Sliding Miter Saw :




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Anil Kay says:

Awesome! Very clean and concise – you talk well with a nice tinge of humor ;o)

Susie Haire says:

nice wood work. wishing i had a table saw and whatever that big dewalt saw was. i'm thinking i should take a wood working class now..haha

Dylan FPV says:

Super clean!

Vikki Riddle-cox says:

just made the bike rack, under $15…holds 5 bikes easily

PappyDC1 says:

great job – I can build the wall rack …but that dado stuff is level 2 ..above my pay grade 🙂

Hugo Danilo says:

I did a rack like that for the kids bikes and I wish I'd seen your video first. Very good ideas on spacing and staggering the two 2x4s. Nicely done.

Tim Julian says:

grate system

Thillaivel Ranganathan says:

Awesome Project.if Hydraulic disk Brakes don't hang the Bikes

Arizona says:

Very nice! The cabinet was also a great idea! Impressive!!👍😀

KJMTB says:

Fantastic video. Nice work!!

Jamie English says:

Combining my two favorite things: bikes and woodworking.

SurfingBullDog says:

Do you drill holes into the 2×4 / wall studs before you screw in the 3.5 inch screws?

Long Tran says:

Could you do 1 Rail system? You would have to flip the bikes on the hooks. Handles Bars Up and then Handle Bars downward. That way more room on floors ?

David Blakeman says:

This is a really great and concise video. Thanks so much for making this!

Wildman Tech says:

I selected a sheet of Maple plywood at the home center and had them cut it. I had told them two months before, the panel saw needed a new blade. They ignored that advice and destroyed that piece of Maple. I told them I wasn't going to take it and informed the manager that their saw just destroyed a $50 sheet of ply because it needed a new blade. He said he didn't know what to do about it. When I told him to put a new blade on it, that's when I fould out the problem. Employees can't change blades on that saw any more than they could change oil on the forklift. They employ a service for that and someone has to make the effort to call the service to have the blade changed. BTW, this is exactly how I store my single person bikes. Now to find a solution for my four tandems.

Cactus! workshop says:

Nice indeed! cool solutions!

Jack Bench Woodworking says:

Nice efficient use of space.

Colin McCrory says:

The cheapest solution would be to sell 3 bikes 😛

ChicoMillion says:

Cool project! When I saw the thumbnail pic for your video and then heard you say "French cleat" I thought you cut the entire rail with a 45 degree angle for both of the pieces with the bike hooks, that would have allowed you to hang other cabinets/shelves or accessories anywhere along the length of that wall. Great space-savings, I may copy this for the many bicycles that my kids, my wife, and I have!

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