DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves

It has been non stop over here with my laundry room makeover and I cannot wait to reveal the entire space to you. Unfortunately that is not until August but I can share some of the DIY’s I’m implementing into the space. Today I’m going to show you how I created these gorgeous jumbo DIY floating shelves. I hope you love them as much as I do! Remember that if you want to customize them for your space, change the measurements, switch up the stain color or paint! Get creative! Love you guys, stay rad xx.

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clayton robertson says:

Hey awesome shelves. Do you have any more info on that table you were using

zoro italiano says:

I want to build these shelves … one problem: I can find most of what I need at Home Depot or lowes …. but a wife like that? Where?

Donna E says:

I'm absolutely inspired, and ready to build new shelves!

Suman Mukherjee says:

Very neat job Rachel!

Haider Altamimi says:


J T says:

Those are so much nicer than your typical shelves supported with those ugly grey metal brackets. Impressive!

Jayne Lyson says:

Did you use a stain on the wood?

John Tovar says:

Muy mal que va a poner ahí algodones ?? Los ayornilladores no están hechos para golpear , muy mal muy mal

P51D MUSTANG says:

Nice job young lady! The first time I built floating shelves it was almost identical to how you did it. I'm a retired Carpenter, the one thing I've learn is keep an open mind and always double-check your work.

Ronald Serzo says:

Im ur new viewer frm Philippines….amazing work and inspiring.keep it up.

Gery Tremaine says:

Looks fantastic! Great great video! Thank you!

capboyd says:

That is such impressive and inspiring work, I'm getting a personal trainer.

Priyam D says:

Nice job. Great result in the end. However I believe you have been quite hard on yourself raising and holding the lumber while fixing it at a height. Be safe. Particularly when you are working all alone. Regards,

Carlos Augusto says:

Great video!! Looking good!!

jj says:

cool. those are great in a laundry room.

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