DIY Freestanding Wall – workshop improvement project

DIY Freestanding Wall – workshop improvement project

One day I would like to have my own shop. For now i will need to continue working out of the garage. This project will help transform a section of the garage into a small shop without having to structurally change the garage with a free standing wall attached to a weighted workbench. The project costs where under $150. The impact it had on the shop was huge.
I frame a wall with 2 x 3 studs where the studs are 24 inch on center. I end up with a wall that is 14 ft long and 7 ft 4 inches high. The wall is capable of standing with out legs because it is screwed to the workbench with 6 lag screws. The garage door is fully functional without any modifications.

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I'm Sam says:

Where did you get everything?

Hxmster Rr says:

Any ideas to make this wall this wall smaller? I'm doing a project that involves a miniature wall from scratch, any help would be much appreciated.

Mike Greene says:

Nailgun!? For what? Lol

Love Is Better says:

Your child's eyes are beautiful…Take Care and thanks for making a clear instructional video. Without annoying music ..

Tranzation says:

Thanks for the video.. The wall wont fall if it's pushed? I know it's attached to the bench but is that sturdy enough?

Thanabalasingam Krishnan Moogathy says:

nice but I would really add some sort of support on the other side of the wall too…

Private Lender says:

What are the dimensions of the work bench you have supporting the wall?

Joseph Henderson says:

Thanks this gave me a great idea to do this with a dresser and have it as a wall devide for my kids rooms is there any advise, tips tricks I should know before I get started


Awesome work.  Gave me lots of ideas.

DIY - A Minha Bancada says:

good work, hugs

Amanda McKeon says:

Looks great! I love your attention to detail, I'm sure it makes projects take longer but then the quality is that much better.

Scott Taylor says:

That's a good looking wall. Bruce is really digging that watermelon. Lol

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