DIY Garage Metalworking Shop Makeover and Organization // Shop Project

DIY Garage Metalworking Shop Makeover and Organization // Shop Project

Thanks to CRAFTSMAN for sponsoring this project! Check out the CRAFTSMAN V20: // CRAFTSMAN Storage and Garage:

My metalworking shop has always been a bit of a mess, but it had gotten REALLY bad lately. I went back to the drawing board and gave that side of the shop a complete makeover, reorganizing it and optimizing the tool layout and workflow.

I also skinned the walls with OSB, to make them look better and also make it easier to mount things on the wall. Hope you enjoy the video and are looking forward to more metalworking content in the future!

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Light Studios says:

Everything looks amazing! Congrats on the upgrade and cleanup 👍👌 I think you should paint the metal sign in black…. anyways that's just my opinion 😂 Great Job, always nice to see your videos.

John Harris says:

This being a conditioned space, wouldn't it be better to insulate this wall?

Zach Johnson says:

How do you feel about the craftsman power tool line? You had Milwaukee or rigid prior if I remember correctly. Congrats on the sponsorship though that is huge!

Mike Nelson says:

gotta make some of the storage out of metal, since it is your metal working area!

Nicolas De Clercq says:


Seth's Bike Hacks says:

I loved this video because everything was so simple, but nicely done. People like me with simple tools and limited know-how could actually knock out a project like this in a weekend. The lift top coffee tables and whaleskin bluetooth speakers are fun to watch, but way outside of my capabilities!

Angie Overton says:

That turned out great. What a transformation. Thanks for sharing.

Tom's Dreamshop Worx says:

BIG improvement! If you find your self using the bench a lot with power tools plugged in to the strip, you might find it easier to mount the power strip right under the front edge of your bench, that way the cord is not covering the bench.

Chris - Skips Builds says:

I've been admiring that workbench at Lowes. Are you happy with it so far?

Joe Kasson says:

Looks great!

Steve Larson says:

Looks very nice !! Maybe a bit of coloured or black paint behind your sign and the letters would "pop" a bit.

Dumpster Marcus says:

came out great!!!

AlHoda Design says:

Good job …

Ben Forster says:

nearly time for shop tour 2019

Danijel Hribar says:

Nicely done 👍

Franks DIY says:

Looking good Johnny

repapeti says:

Nice work! Are you by any chance a Roadkill fan? Just because of the Finnegan shirt.

Jason Balock says:

With craftsman being a sponsor, they give you all those tools?

Typical Live_wire says:

Nice organisation video Johnny !!

Humble Muslima says:

I'm so glad I watched this video. I wasn't going to because I was thinking I'm not ready for a workshop just yet. However, I am planning out my woodworking collection of tools. I'm a beginner, getting ready to tackle a class once I'm done with gathering my tools. I'm also in the planning stages of remodeling my house. This video gave me some awesome ideas that I can definitely use when I'm going to install drywall, as well as organize my space. Thanks!! 😄

CReeves Makes says:

Nice work Johnny! Great info on general shop build-out methods and material use!I really like the versa-track layout as well! Cant wait to see more work in this area. Keep it up man.

Zack Johnson says:

Zach johnson gotcha!!

Frost Knives says:

Is that saw below the table? What about longer material cuts?

Branden Grant says:

You don't need a dust mask. Just hold a shopvac right near the hole while you are drilling and there is zero mess

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