DIY Garage Shop with Pallet Wood Shiplap Wall

DIY Garage Shop with Pallet Wood Shiplap Wall

In this Episode of Build Dad Build I give my shop (garage) a makeover. I got tired of it looking so much like…well, a garage!

I broke down pallets to create a “shiplap” wall and gave her a coat of paint and some shelves.

It looks AWESOME! I love it every time I go out there now!


Paint – Valspar – Safari Beige
5 pallets
Trim Screws – 6 X 1 5/8”

Drill –
(like my) Large Propane Torch –
Small Propane Torch –
Sawzall –

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Adam’s Garage says:

Awesome job man

Marine 7494 says:

Watched this last week and bought 6 9 inch blades this weekend! Two pallets in about 30 minutes.


Thanks for sharing,,must burn some wood,,😀

Marine 7494 says:

Next on my list! Great look!

Cris Criss says:

What gopro do you have?

Joe Acevedo says:

Awesome idea and build! 😉

DIY-Mitri says:

Beautiful project. I recently ripped out the hearth and mantle around my fireplace… Perhaps I'll apply this to that wall. Did you just leave the wood as is? Did you finish it at all?


Incredible thanks for linking me

joejoe1738 says:

That looks really good I’m going to do that to my garage. Thanks for the great ideas

matt alex says:

great job! this is on the to do list!

Capt Dan says:

Ahhhh found it! Lol how great!

We’re All That Bored says:

Gonna have to do this! Tearing down a work table from the previous owner and the wall is beige. Just nope!

banga8080 says:

Pallet buster get one you'll love it

Christofix - DIY Projects says:

i realy like that wood in the background. I'm planning to do the same on my workshop ( i will make a video of it and put it on my channel) great video it was worth watching it

wood 4 nothing says:

Thanks for subscribing man I appreciate the support
Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

wood 4 nothing says:

Your workshops looking amazing.ive subbed to your channel top job.
Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

John the Schreiner says:

Like the pallet wall. Looks good!

Roger Young says:

First view, and first comment!! Great work “dad” (I’m a father of 3 myself) keep it up…when my shop looks clean (ok. “Cleaner”) I’ll consider sharing it, for now, yours is looking great, mine is looking “OK”. Looking forward to your next video

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