DIY Garage Shop Workbench | How to Build

DIY Garage Shop Workbench | How to Build

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DIY Garage Workbench for your shop. Learn how to build a workbench that has plenty of storage and doubles as a desk. The built-in shop pegboard will keep you organized and the base cabinets will hold the items you want at your workstation. Full build plans available through the link above. #woodworking #workbench #garage

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Fix This Build That says:

If you want plans to build this base cabinet you can get them here:
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Paco Ramirez says:

Assembly table video here we come!

Lucas Wood & Art says:

Nice build as always. Pegboard storage is very underrated.

Alex W. says:

Is a sheet of Baltic Birch only $48 for you? Lucky…

Brendon Ziegenbein says:

Brad, Your channel has quickly become one of my favorites! Love all of your garage cabinet builds. Quick question, where do you get your plywood? Im noticing the number of plys and it looks like really nice stuff. I just picked up 4 sheets of birch plywood (not baltic) and it ran $78 a sheet. It too has 8 plys with the veneer but only one side was "paint grade" I was shocked to hear you say $48/sheet. ( I try not to buy plywood at the box stores. Thanks!!

StudioJLT says:

Nailed it! Well made.

J D says:


Our shops are our own respective domains. If you want to call them, "me-nails," the rock on with your "Brad"-self!

Sorry, I couldn't resist matching pun for pun.

Great build. I am doing something similar in my own garage. It will be the nerve center of my shop, for ideation and sketching.

mattikaki says:

Fine job. But why that drill is that high? It is heavy to take and lift back so it isn’t ergonomically very good.

avraham levy says:

It will be a great desk if you modify it a little . Great Job

avraham levy says:

Awesome job !

Marc DiGirolomo says:

Looks great! What an improvement!!

Michael Goh says:

Yes I saw this beautiful workbench in IG

paulzeee says:

yaaaaassssssss you nails

Sum Ting Wong says:

Very classy and functional. I will be building the drill press stand soon.

Brian Prusa says:

Like all your shop organization; I want one.

Brian Prusa says:

My dad used to say that all the time. An ounce of planning is worth $20 of mdf.

Chris Stephens says:

Another great build, Brad! I noticed you pre-drilling for the drawer slides at 2:21. When pre-drilling these, do you have any trouble with the dust/shavings getting gummed up in the slide grease? This was an issue I encountered when building your drill press stand.

Asaf Olivares says:

Great video, can this be done as well with Mdf or Melamine board?

Mattia Zannini says:

Well done man! You’re great!🤟🏻

Mike Leas says:

You nails……lol! 😂

Robermon YT says:

The tools that you have give me a real orgasm.
I am a tools fanatic.

Florinachis1978 says:

Nicely like and subscribe!👍🏻🤗

J. C. says:

What an awesome build 👍🏻

Hey I'm a Maker says:

I wish baltic birch plywood was $48, it's more like $100 here 🙁

Simmu Borgir says:

Another awesome work. Keep up. You’ve got a nice and clean shop

ektopia says:

Thanks for this one. Inspired by the drawer design. I have 11 to make and I think I’ll go with this style.

Howard Heng says:

59th to comment
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