DIY Garage Storage Shelves

DIY Garage Storage Shelves

DIY garage storage shelves that are low profile, off the floor and open faced. I don’t want my shelves to go from floor to ceiling.
I still want to be able to place floor objects against the wall in this part of my garage. I also want these shelves to be 8 feet
long and open faced. Open faced meaning nothing secured vertically to the front of the shelves that would infringe on the eight
foot shelf length. Load bearing weight capacity was also factored into the design of these shelves as well.

If you would like more information including a cut list and materials for this project visit:

Rabbit Hutch Design #1

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larry white says:

Stan:  Found it thanks.

larry white says:

Howdy:  Where is your link to the reference to cutting your support brackets.  This is the closest thing to what I want to do (I think my idea will work with this.  Thanks, good job. L.

Abraham Guzman says:

The drill must be very loud! 😂

Mello Kevt says:

Hi Stan, you mentioned a program to help you calculate load. Is it a commercial product or something you came up with?

Mike Carp says:

very neat and tidy looking mate

24AnVRodri says:

from the ceiling to the bottom of the 3rd shelf, what is the height? I'm about to start a unit just like yours but would like gap distance between all 3 and full length

Logan Rieman says:

what angles did u cut those boards at 45°?

Mike Bankovich says:

not bad my friend!

bash akram says:

Hazmat Yousaf a s

Jp's Custom Woodworking says:

Nice storage shelves Stan, Looks like they will get plenty of use. :)…JP

Joe basementwoodworking says:

hey stan nice rack!;)hehe sorry i had too..

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