DIY Solar Garage Presentation

DIY Solar Garage Presentation

This is a “webinar-style” presentation about how I designed and built the photovoltaic solar array on my garage. It’s based on the slides that I used giving a live presentation at the MREA Energy Fair on June 11, 2017.
I hope this gives you some sense of what I had to due to build my project and gives you some ideas on how you can build your own home solar array!
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Evgen Mozolevski says:

I made it. I used InpliX scripts for that. It was pretty easy to make it

Chris Guay says:

Great Video Ben

VidarTeiseniHeisen says:

Excellent, Nelson! Thanks a lot for sharing!

mdad hdad says:

Well done Ben. A great installation and an easy to digest video. By the way I notice you have an odd wing mirror on the Imiev, what happened?

dwf dwf says:

Awesome job Ben, I did a similar install using 32, 300 watt panels and enphase 250 watt inverters, with the net metering. One thing I had to do was put critter fence around the space between the panel and roof to keep the squirrels from chewing the wires. Keep up the good work and videos coming they are great.

BenjaminNelson says:

This is a "re-upload" of a file I uploaded earlier today. For whatever reason, YouTube didn't include the audio.
This one now has audio!

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