Garage Ceiling Overhaul

Garage Ceiling Overhaul

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Things I Used in This Project:
Circular Saw:
Step Stool:
Gas/Electric Nailer:
Ear Plugs:
Saw Horses:
Head Lamp:
Drywall Lift – Rental
White Ceiling Paint:

In this video we remove all the drywall from the ceiling and replace it with OSB. This adds additional function to the garage and allows my husband to hangs things from the ceiling without the constraint of locating a rafter. This DIY garage overhaul project took us about 2 days to complete.



Tom Lecerf says:

Ok. Maybe this has been asked but don't you think a vapour barrier would help with the moisture? I know you're in Texas but if you insulate won't you have condensation?

jim white says:

you always call the ceiling joist rafters why

David Scott says:

watching your video was great to get ideas for when i get my garage up ….. So thankx

Bryce Bramer's aquariums says:

For a few seconds I asked myself "why are thy hanging sheet rock with nails" and then I remembered it's OSB

Johnny Sahn says:

Aww that was too cute, husband and wife working together like that! 😀

Patrick Harmon says:

Why didnt you just paint the OSB once it was installed and saved the time it took for the paint to dry? I like your projects but how about you tell the viewers key details like screw sizes, type of fasteners, etc…? Keep up the projects and God bless.

Bruno Mars says:

You changed the lights

Bill Diehl says:

As a woodworker and a golfer, it was sad to see golf clubs stuck up in the rafters.

Read Sabar says:


Rommel Brusola says:

Awesome job!!! I gotta say though that how are you able to make donuts but couldnt back up? Hehe

Robert Hill says:

Hi.  All of your tools are "Orange"  I like orange tools.  What tools are you using, drills, multi-tool and nailer.  Thanks

james Sho says:

Ratchet strap to hold garage door rails & frame while putting up the drywall is what I learned

Joe Swanson says:

Look at all that loose Romex in the attic?!?! These videos are great for pointing out code violations.

Richard Flanigan says:

Enjoy your channel. You should stagger the seams when sheeting w OSB… Drywall… etc. The drywall coming off the ceiling would typically be due to moisture (the roof probably leaks)

Beeftongue jenkins says:

Eye protection during that demo…..yikes!

dj123 says:

Great video! What is the advantage of osb over drywall? Isn't drywall a better fire barrier?

Steve Owen says:

Awesome makeover in your garage!!! I am getting a list of materials to do the inside of mine and was wanting some pointers I guess. I want to hang them vertically on the walls, but have heard that they need to be offset. Is that true, and if it is, how much offset do I need to make it?

jedi barracuda says:

I've never seen osb with foil backing.

Olivier Un says:

Why haven't you enjoy also insulate the ceiling with 30 cm of glass wool ?

OCJohn Weber says:

As a builder I see homeowners do this a lot! The common mistake is removing the 5/8 fire rated drywall between the garage and living space. This can include walls and ceiling. Remember, your vehicle is a gasoline storage container and the code requires the fire barrier…

Don Kramer says:

It sure brightened it up in there with the white ceiling.

Sascha Theobald says:

I like your cannel April, but for a german 200% precision worker is this sloppy work. No spirit level, unprecision cuts. sorry

Jules Lewin says:

why do you and your husband have separate shops? (if i heard correctly)

Ronnie Paul says:

good opportunity to put the lights were they are needed

edward vargo says:

Oh Boy, that Garage sure is coming along nicely. Excellent work, Looks Fantastic!

Van Allen says:

1:33 She looks like a Mortal Kombat character…. and that's a good thing 🙂

davey929 says:

Dude! Is your husband part monkey?! I remember when I could climb like that…when I was like 18. I gotta hit the gym!

Benjamin Rodriguez says:

great all i need now is my wife to learn how to use some tools and i think i can do it!!😞

tenminutetokyo says:

Hope you used LED lights.

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