Garage Door Opener | DIY

Garage Door Opener | DIY

this is a modification done to my garage door as the door is quite heavy to open and close, so i hacked it and motorized it with old 2hp single phase ac motor and a reduction gear box which i got from the scrapyard.

i was planing to add a remote to open and close the door but got busy to the end of this project but i will do that soon.

this project was inspired by ” make it extreme ” channel.

this project took 4 days in total to complete where 2 days was just for wiring as the motor used was a 4 pole single phase motor and there wasn’t any info on the internet, so it took some time to figure it out.

if anyone have any question leave a comment.

Use safety protection while welding. i am MakerMan thats why sometime i dont wear safety protections 😉 .

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PacoWang says:

I found your channel yesterday and I have binge watched you since then. I've commented a few times and you probably are tired of hearing it but I am in awe of your skills. You are a genius in my opinion!. I hope you get millions of subscribers but also hope you do not change. You are teaching an old man a lot and I again thank you. I will try not to say any more but I am in awe sir!

mohit anand says:

how you opens it from inside while no switch has been instaled inside the garage??

Richard Hybels says:

Very clever. Mig welding with open shoes and no socks? I can't even get away with running shoes or I get a " hot foot.."

benjanim says:

what's welding machine's model?

M Doggie says:

hey maker I wish you were my neighbor we would be building crazy things all day . I like process , you see a problem and then u solve it for a cheap as possible


THIS GUY IS AWESOME. Very cool channel.

N9ne Fingers says:

This guy's channel is totally unappreciated.

J K says:

Nice job great work !! the only thing I would have done different is I would have put bar weights on the bottom inside edge , Nice job well done , Im just starting out on YouTube I will be filming videos on welding tips and tricks and small projects very soon, Subscribe if you like looking forward to your next video … Thanks for sharing .

Bobdeham says:

Nice build. Interesting way to solve a number of issues that is normally done with a jack shaft setup.

Eranga Eddie says:

as always great video 👍
creativeness on another level 👌😂

Loubna Najjar says:

great work!
why you put extra weight on the edges of the door?

Its_all_Cars says:

Damnnnn brother, Excellent workkk.!!! Welll doneeeee.

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