Garage Organization Ideas: How To Build a Folding Workbench | Craftsman

Garage Organization Ideas: How To Build a Folding Workbench | Craftsman

Want to have a garage workbench but don’t have the space? Weโ€™ve got the DIY project for you. Rob North shows you how to build a folding workbench – a cool, space-saving, garage organization idea. Check out the project plans:

Check out how to make a pegboard for tools:

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This video is about how to build a folding workbench with Craftsman tools.



Jayden Redd says:

This is by far the best wood working book I have ever read, โ€œpepe amazing planโ€ (Google it). My woodworking trainer even endorses his students to learn the book. I`m impressed how authors managed to write very detailed topics. The tutorials are clear and simple to follow, the material is interesting.

healthdios says:

Cool video…..!
I have a very reduced space in my garage and this video gave me some ideas on how to maximize my space.
Looking at how those legs fold in when the counter is put away, I'm scheming an idea for a corner work bench, once I'm done working on my projects, I will fold it up, put tools away and pull my car back in!

Joe Gray says:

Speaking as a former garage door tech… never install anything permanent so close to your garage door track… You are asking for trouble if you ever have to have someone come do any repairs or maintenance on your garage door.

Cajun Woodworker says:

cool project, add a strap from table to wall for safety and maybe attach legs to bottom of 2×4 frame so that it fits flush other than that awesome project.

Spalty says:


JRO Jackson says:

What should I do if the wall I'm attaching it to is made of cinder blocks?

Bill Procter says:

Did you ever think about breaking the craftsman channel up into multiple channels? I enjoy woodworking and don't care too much about the other content. It would also be great if your 4 min videos were closer to 10. You could provide a little more content on how to and technique. Not trying to be a troll because I appreciate the videos you're putting out. Rob does a great job with his enthusiasm and energy. Just a little food for thought.

Alex Jordan says:

Great, now the workbench needs to be clear all the time.

Todd Corey says:

I like watching your vids. I've had these in the past in some of my smaller shops. Just a tip tho, attach your shop vac to your miter saw….lol. Keep up the good work.

Justin Kleeberger says:

Love that milwaukee drill bit at 3:20 ๐Ÿ˜€

DoomZoone says:

in regards to safety, I would recommend a design that would have the collusion action in reverse – towards the bottom. great designs nevertheless

Geoff V says:

I love that tape measure! Where can I get one?

Ronaldo Sosa says:

phil lynnot !!!

thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰ & keep on rocking

dinger31469 says:

What keeps it from falling when it is folded up? If it gets bumped, I'd be afraid it would fall on someone(mainly my kids in mind here). I would add a tab at the top to lock it in place, just wondering if I missed something in the video?

Dave Dubanoski says:

Wow I can see one on my wall very soon thank you.

manoel m.rocha jรบnior says:


RamonaHacking says:

I LOVE THIS!!! So handy.

Jan-Roar Bernhardsen says:

A very good idea for the small places in the house and appatment build in the last decade. A good idea to save place

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