Garage Project Review

Garage Project Review

All but the decorations



Skip Hedgepath says:

Used to live in that area about 10 yrs ago. There're some great roads that beg to be explored by high performance machines. Saw a few of them from the seat of my Harley. Keep those vids coming.

Chris Boren says:

Great looking garage!

Hemi Life Reviews says:

Awesome garage ma. Can you adopt me Lmaoo

Taylor Matos says:

A place for everything and everything in it's place. Love the organization.

Breath of fresh air seeing the lift in the new position.

Have a great day!

James Wade says:

Awesome Garage.. Very Very Nice…

Scizo Phrenic says:

thats a cool set up. those walls have so much potential.

Zac Slaman says:

Me again, you should do a video comparing all your vehicles. Interior, function, speed, style, and over all look and appeal. Then maybe at the end get mike and Shane and Troy and Andy and yourself to drag race them all at the same time and see who comes in first

tanksgame tnaks says:

Hey, you should make a P.O Box for us to send you stuff to put on your wall. Whenever I get all set in stone with the Air Force, I will be buying a project 94-99 cobra. I would love to get it all finished and use Shane's shop for a poster. Then I'd like to ship one to you, so it can look pretty on your wall. 🙂

TM says:

Love the music in the background!!

Camerica says:

Such a cool Garage my friend! Man I wish I could get mine going.

frank says:

Just awesome. Thanks for sharing

Kim Foster says:

Very impressive Dave! well done 🙂

m Cooper says:

Looking good. Some wall racks to store the ramps might be handy.

Nicholas Frisch says:

Video skills improving. I love it. Good work.

SuperUber1101 says:

Awesome! Hey, do you use Adams polish/ cleaners

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