Garage Storage Shelves | EASY BUILD

Garage Storage Shelves | EASY BUILD

Today I show you how to build your own garage shelving unit built out of 2x4s and plywood (or OSB). This project is an easy and fun way to add tons of storage space to your garage, shop or utility room for very little money. This setup worked out great, and now I have plenty of room for my 2 cars, bikes, Christmas decorations, and other deep storage!

Products I used in this video:
Kreg Pocket Hole Jig:
Milwaukee Drill, Impact Driver:
5/15×4″ Structural Screws
10×3.5″ Wood Screws
8×2″ Wood Screws
And… a level, circular saw, chop saw and clamps.

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True 77 says:

I might have to redo some shelves in my garage. Definitely going to come back to this vid in the future! Like button SMASHED.

Thomas says:

you can probably buy metal warehouse-style shelving units for the same cost as the lumber. I wouldn't bother with shelving like this. Additionally, the way this has been built means that the screws are supporting all the shelving weight. This will work, but its not ideal. Its up to you.

Ruthless 12 street says:

You bought a money pit … your foundation is a disaster

kurtmichaelson says:

Great work! I'd love to build something like that in our garage when we buy a house.

David Kado says:

I think I would have wet myself if it collapsed when he jumped on it. Sorry, I couldn’t help but think it.

okpjr says:

Music is totally not needed. Serves NO purpose whatsoever.

Zach Orrico says:

Great video, I could watch DIY wood projects all day. Put this one in my back pocket when I have some time. I really liked the simple plans. Glad to see your hacks for doing the project by yourself. Those will be helpful.

NiteCrawlerNYC says:

Excellent work, and the music was pretty kool too.

Marcos Avila says:

Nice truck…🍺

Christopher Valdez says:

super legit man!! def going to do this in my house!!!!

ChoirWalker says:

Haha! Best intro ever.

Saad Didouh says:

good jobe barry

WonderWoMegan! says:

Saw you using a nail / staple gun at the end. Looking to expand our set of tools, what do you recommend for house projects like these? Lots to fix up at our new place

Dynoesaur says:

Who sings that song @6:50 ?

Ben1 says:

Link to PNW tshirt?

Raphael Sousa says:


what is this device called?


I'm building this tomorrow….thanks for the Idea!

Michael Grabsch says:

Ho much is little Money in the US? In Germany 2×4 are pretty expensive and OSB isn't cheap as well.

VW Ádi says:

Nice GTI 😉

Sergei Andrushenko says:

мати такий гараж, то щасття)) а такий стілаж взагалі огонь!

Scott says:

Classic YouTube’s. “Paying me helps me create content.” I am highly doubtful anyone has come up to you asking how they could support you. This generation of people only want to help if they get paid for it. Call it what it is. You want to get paid to do stuff around your house. I get it, it’s a good way to get paid for something but be honest about it. There are too many people on YouTube doing the exact same thing for free for me to actually pay you for making shelves. Do something unique and you will deserve getting paid. Here is free advice feedback that will help your authenticity. Stop asking for money on videos. It completely shreds the idea that you actually want to help. Perception is everything with YouTube. If people feel there are motives for you content, you will not get new subscribers. If the subscribers keep seeing you ask for money, they may not drop you, but they will stop watching you.

Martin Lindstrøm says:

You do the pocket holes everywhere but the corner support! No point in doing all the pockets then

John Ewing says:

Nice truck (the red and white one). Thumbs up on using construction screws via pocket holes!

Terry Forest says:

Hi all, I did a similar storage shelf but not quite as long. I eliminated my center vertical support by doubling up on the outside horizontal pieces. By doing this I created a beam across the front of the shelf and eliminating the need for my center vertical supports, this created more open shelving. Food for thought.

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