Garage Workshop Shelves for $20

Garage Workshop Shelves for $20

Download the plans here:

These are the least expensive free-standing shelves I could some up with that were still worth building. The project took me about 2 hours to build 16 feet of shelves. These shelves measure 96″ wide by 18″ deep by 75″ tall. They will safely hold 200lbs per shelf or more.

Total cost $36.63 for the 8′ section or under $19 per 4′ section, which is how you would buy them from the store.



Nicholas Brown says:

When people have a "WOODSHOP" and don't use corded drills/drivers.

actinius3 says:

good idea ripping 2×4. You are right about the poor quality of 2x2s.

Liberty Miller says:

With the thousands of dollars spent for the workspace, high-end saw, multiple drills, brad nailer, stabilizing bench, (etc), plus a truck large enough to transport large pieces of wood,
"for $20" is really FALSE ADVERTISING. ("cost" isn't just parts: ask any car mechanic)

MAGA MAN says:

2x2s make for weak crappy shelves. They will warp and the bottoms will slide out from under them. MY former idiot step dad build shelves like these and I had to replace them before they completely fell down.


Great video. Thorough yet quick. Any videos to make similar shelving that hangs from ceiling? Thank you

Kyle Macdonald says:

man this would be so quick and easy if i had any of those tools lol i do have a cordless drill and impact driver

Silly Goose says:

can i fart on your bench?


Very good and its moveable

Anna Ruiz says:

Man, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for posting. Cost effective and sturdy. Looking to make this. I'm just hoping they got some straight 2 by 4's that are straight since I don't have a table saw…. Wish me luck.

신거북 says:

exellent!!! Cheap!!!! simple!!!! fast!!!

Shaun Borland says:

so happy to hear you say that it was hard to find 1x2s that are straight. went to home depot the other day for a project and literally spent 25 mins finding straight ones. i live in a small apartment in chicago so i don't really have the space for a table saw.

Collins Afram says:

Great video. Is it possible to post the link the the breakdown of everything again. Thank you

quick easy idea cooking food tips making craft Noor says:

Hyyyyyy in last moment lay down hahaha Nice! Beautiful work

Precious Davis says:

Can you send the link with the measurements and material breakdown list please? Thank you.

DanielRichards644 says:

glad to see i'm not the only person that uses a sharpie instead of a pencil.

Tor Thorbergsen says:

Thank you! Really like the slow, cool, unintrusive way you talk. Oh, and the link seems to fail

RagetasticGames says:

there is no way you weigh 280, I'm like your height and weight 200. You must lift weights or something XD

Papa Beepbeep says:

Diagram does not download. Mind posting it again?

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