Home Automation DIY Garage Lighting System

Home Automation DIY Garage Lighting System

Check out how I automated my garage lights. DIY project includes 3-way switch, fluorescent lighting, circuit board design, and software. Detailed build article with plans:

Makercise Multi-way Switching video:

Catus Workshop! video:

flash001USA video:



Michael Lawing says:

Very cool and well-explained.

Cactus! workshop says:

wow. This is very very interesting! it's all new to me so even more! really well explained and very cool processes! and thanks for the feature!! I am glad my mistakes do some good for others 😀 great job!!!

John V says:

I like how you mention your failures and the techniques that you use to overcome being disheartened. that's the number one killer of projects from my experience.

Brian Prusa says:

Do you want to build a snowman? Nice wrapping paper. This is a great project but over my head. Good job.

flash001USA says:

First of all thanks for the plug. I like the control circuit you built. Pretty cool. I used to use the iron on method but I switched over to the photo etch development method because I felt that I got better board etching even down to 10 mil traces using this method.

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