How to build a plywood boat: Part 1 – a DIY project for the garage

How to build a plywood boat: Part 1 – a DIY project for the garage

The Story of how I built a 3-metre plywood boat in my garage. This video goes step by step through the process of building this plywood and epoxy boat in 1 month. Working with my son after school.

It was all built using basic tools in a one car garage. It is a great low-cost project and I didn’t need registration or a licence (in Queensland, Australia). We could walk the boat to the water, without the need for a car or trailer too!

A BUILDING GUIDE will be available shortly – Feb 2018. It has all the tips and info you need to build ANY small boat like this. Not just this boat. Join our Mail List and I will send you a free copy.

More info –

Exterior grade – economy plywood
Pine framing
Fibreglass tape
Epoxy resin plus some filler.
Plus an outboard motor.

There are PLANS available to build this boat at

Uploaded in HD-1080p. Check your player settings for best quality (gear symbol, bottom right on a computer)

The hull was redesigned and modified after launching so that the centre channel was reduced in steps toward the stern (back of the boat). This gave the best of both worlds then with improved stability, eliminated propeller cavitation that occurred in turns but still provided good planing and wave piercing due to the deep V bow shape. The plans available now incorporate this change.

Filmed by me. Noosa River, Australia.
Edited with iMovie
Built with my son Tobias – 2010.

Music – “Sunflower” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena & “Bet on it” by Silent Partner. YouTube Audio library.

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Lukas M says:

Can you do a Delftship tutorial for this boat?

mike campbell says:

I live in Caifornia and have been researching boats as i want to own one in a few years. Never thought to build one. I realize that a lot of boats are made from plywood and work fantastic. Have you considered makig one that is a little bigger? I think you would have a blast with a 3.5 meter boat.

Cesar Franco says:

Uhhh! Cool !

Damon Fraser says:

Aussies always do it best !! Aussie Aussie Aussie
Oi oi oi

Adrian Rascon says:

absolutely beautiful id like your boat i now want one like that thanks for sharing

Big Jimbo says:

Hi Tim,
firstly, good work btw. just wanted to ask.. in your opinion could your most updated version of plans be altered to make a sea (medium rough) going boat probably 10' long 4' wide?

Marcoantoniocorrea Correa says:

parabéns foi o melhor projeto que vi na YouTube…parabéns!!!!

New Zealand Anglers says:

WoW guys you did great mate….way way better than my build….I'm going to have to step my game up on my next build. Well done boys.

Teun van der Woude says:

Very nice build by the way!

Teun van der Woude says:

Could you give me any plans?

Dave M says:

Any ideas for a a 4×8 foot fishing boat? There are lots of jon boat designs but would like to get your input. I'd like to be able to stand and fish when possible. Speed is not an issue, I only would be using paddles or a small trolling motor.

Dave M says:

Hey there, I love the original hull design, but I have a question for you. Is it not awkward to stand in the boat since there is no flat spot in the middle? The hull design must make it track really nice though. Thanks.


In qld australia, you need a licence and to register the boat for anything over 4 hp motor

jadekayak01 says:

that is only a weekend project

MJ Fox says:

Great build mate this would be great to take the kids in and have some fish and chips like what u did great job

philm2012 says:

Looking forward to seeing the plans on your website. Great work Tim

Jacob Dobrenen says:

Oh yea what do I do if I only have a 115 horse power engine and I don't want to buy a new ond

Daniel Hawkins says:

I like the hull design,…looks stable. ( who needs a stinkin' $90,000,000. yacht,anyway)-lol

Jacob Dobrenen says:

That was cool I may do that

solofoe says:

what is the recipe for the epoxy filler you use?

David Palacios u says:

Very good!!!

JessVideoDude says:

Amazing! 🙂

Vic Krue says:

Great father and son project.
Great job too.
Cheers to you sir !

Green Kitty says:

What an awesome build!! Thanks for sharing : )

Jon New says:

Great video and cool little boat. Don't matter size as long as ya on the water!

Stijn Van Aken says:

how much hp is it 2.5, something like that

Johnpaul Villarin says:

Thank you Tim and Tobias for sharing this video. Great work guys!. Your video inspired me to build one with my son. Thank you.

Jake O'Neal says:

Great video!

Flash says:

How much does this project cost you?

ChapprgInHD says:

1 month to build that?!?!??

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