How to Make Garage Door Roller

How to Make Garage Door Roller


Aayush Tripathi says:

Aap usme kaunsa motor use kiye hai aur kaun sa swich lga hai

Jessica Sommy says:

I made it by myself thanks to Stodoys plans. I think it's the best way to learn how to build.

Romaine Athey says:

I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

Shiron Pathirana says:

I need one for my garage. I got the idea how to doing it from this vedio . Thank you so much!

SOTS Supercars on the Street says:

0:32 and 0:37 or 0:40 in teeno ka nam kia he

Juan Saavedra says:

Donde están las medidas

RC WERK says:

>>>>>>>> hello, great video. Can you tell me which components and switches you use?

Rico Santos says:

Give me the parts and type of motor.. Thank you

Danny Strickland says:

Why can't people just say what they're doing instead of playing this God awful music

Mia Aguilar says:

What materials did you use?

Wayne Butler says:

Music does not explain what you're using or what you are doing with it!

Rochanaa Shri SPM says:

what motor is used?

Girish Kumar says:

Hai…project is very nice. Can you pls send me the link or where we can get- motor & spares you used.

Your reply is highly appreciated…

pikqacuh cheewbeboo says:

from where to get switch

Bola Ogunro says:

What type of glue is used for the garage door?

Adithya Bala says:

What is the switch your using

Manish Singh says:

white wale switch ka name kya he

chirag joshi says:

How to purchase renk and pinion

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