Mechanical garage door opener project – Q8 Majeed

Mechanical garage door opener project – Q8 Majeed


Kabhirdas V says:

sir give any abstract of this project


sir , how did the door slide inspite of friction and how did the power supply went OFF when tge door toched that black thing ? IS that aSENSOR? IF so what is the name of that plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deepak Maurya says:

I am trying to make this project and having some difficulty in making so….I wanted help….can u plz give me ur email Id to contact you…or give me any link which can help me out ASAP!!! on

Rubs EsRe says:

Hi, I want to know how you can change the spin of the motor and how the door can slide? Just with the friction of materials?
Thanks 🙂

Oisín Moule says:

how does the door move from left to right if the bar is spinning. very nice project

White Heart says:

did you use adroino here? thanks

majeedkhajah says:

hi , I did use plywood for the door

hafiz kuntom says:

what kind of material you use for the door?

majeedkhajah says:

No sir , to open the door is one direction but to close the door is the opposite direction , and thank you for your interest

hafiz kuntom says:

Hi,Is it rotation of the motor are the same direction?

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