Merricks Garage – Project #buildablazer is a go!

Merricks Garage – Project #buildablazer is a go!

My current frame is bent. If you are gonna fix something, fix it once is my motto. Among others. Safety third is another favorite….

My Amazon Store of Truck Tools: Including the headers I use…

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It is with help from some of the awesome companies below that I am able to bring you this channel and content. They make great stuff.

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bodymanruss518 says:

As a collision tech, including Frame straightening, i can tell you your measurements and dimensions may differ a bit with weight and suspension in "loaded" circumstance.

Adams Clarke says:

What link combo brackets are they? Didn't see them at first glance on DIY4x??

GT Dinkle says:

You're doing good thus far keep it up

James Hall says:

You have balls of steel to tackle that project in the garage. It looks great

BarbellPrepper33 says:

Dude… you are going all in on this brother. I love it. I will say it again, you are an inspiration to all of us home garage builder guys. Looking good bro!

truedeadman says:

looks good so far. Looking forward to seeing this progress into the full truck

Reaf Kennedy says:

Looks like loads of fun. Looks like you are making good progress though.

jeff conner says:

lookin good… want to sell your old axle rap setup/

addictjvp says:

NICE !!! Looking pretty good !!!

william cordle says:

Looking good man can’t wait to see the finished product BTW what computer and editing software do you use I have a channel mostly street bike stuff and stunts my friends do just trying to get better at editing our Gopro footage once again keep up the good work

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