Metal Building Outlet Garage Project – Littleton, CO

Metal Building Outlet Garage Project – Littleton, CO

Metal Building Outlet supplied this Metal Building in Littleton, Colorado. The customer was extremely satisfied with the building and the customer service he received from Metal Building Outlet. This is his personal testimonial. “I got into car racing about 8 years ago. Having a nice big garage space to come and work on things makes it easier. I got to know Metal Building Outlet by working in the construction industry. they did a building for Westerniares in the past and a building I worked on up in Conifer, Colorado. They were easy to work with and were always on the job site making sure things ran smooth. My favorite feature is probably the structure, my building was tricky thing to do because I have it built into the hillside. They recommended doing a 10ft foundation wall and designed the building around it. It carries the snow loads and I don’t have to worry about winds. They also recommended an insulation package that makes the electric bill very affordable. Their buildings are the best building out there that you could buy.”

Building Type: Shop & Garage

Key features: Energy Saver High R-value Insulation, Sealed “N” Safe Thermal Blocks, overhead doors, steel walk doors, overhangs, retaining wall.

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