Motorcycle Lift – Garage Project

Motorcycle Lift – Garage Project

My garage project to raise a 9-foot ceiling height to 12.5-feet, allowing for a motorcycle lift to raise bike to close to 7-feet!

The lift was built by American Custom Lift (
Had the structure engineering plans done by Tucker Engineering (
Bicycle lifts, by a kick-starter My Lifter (
Motorbike lifted: BMW K1600 GTL

All other work accomplished with much thanks to my friends for leading a hand or tool when needed (particularly my friend Steve).

How long did it take? Well, considering this was an after-work project with only a few hours in the evening and on weekends here is what it took. Yes, I’m slow and anal …although my friend would argue that sometimes I wasn’t that anal …myself, “let’s just get this done!” 🙂

– 1-month for engineering plans to be drawn
– 1-week for city structural change and electrical permits (very nice smooth process)
– 2-days sheetrock demolition
– 2.5-months – reframing the ceiling joists
– 1-month – electrical/plumbing
– 2-weeks insulation
– 1-month sheet rocking
– 3-days for hired help to mud and texture
– 2-days painting
– 3-months waiting for lift to be built to specifications
– 3-hours for lift install

Be happy to go into further detail in any area, just hit me up with a comment.
Whether it’s a small or big project, you CAN DO IT!



iRepair Autos says:

Very nice! How much does such a lift cost? What's their website?

SRVmotoman says:

Dude…I'm your first sub. w00t! Great video and enjoyed the time lapse.

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