Narrow Workbench for Small Garage or Workshop

Narrow Workbench for Small Garage or Workshop

Simple Workbench for Small Garage or Workshop

With the growth of DIY, a small workbench can be very handy in a small Garage or Workshop. So I built this small heavy duty workbench that fits in a tight spot between two doors. It will also fit in many small garages. I hope it can hope you with your making and building projects.

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HereIsWisdom 1318 says:

Nice use of space!

alvaro zamora says:

Excelente tus trabajos…los próximos los podrías traducir a español? Gracias. Saludos desde Cúcuta Colombia.🙋

Brian Kennedy says:

That curb keeps any gas or oil spills from entering your home

maria burgos says:

I made something like that, with 2 Small bench , I put one ☝️ over the other ; … This bench was belonged to a dinner 🍽 table. Thanks. For the video.

Mike Sutton says:

Love the bench! What about adding a kick plate at the bottom to offset to concrete and have another shelf?

jim h says:

what no PVC legs?

Sha Chaney says:

I love how he goes step by step, explaining the whole project and how each step is precisely thought out. Another job well done.

KC TSP says:

As always nice video.

Bobby Fowler says:

Nice touch with the color. Another fine project. Thanks

kid video says:

buy a rotary hammer and cement will be no problem at all, it will be like drilling in soft wood with that tool. i have one and its worth the money.

ابو ابراهيم says:

But your jop good

ابو ابراهيم says:

You speak more work

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