Part 1: Dream Garage Building BIG And On a Budget! DIY Build Project

Part 1: Dream Garage Building BIG And On a Budget!  DIY Build Project


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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION, PLEASE READ FULLY: This video is for entertainment purposes only. The content of this video include or may include high voltage wiring, moving parts, suspended weights, risk of fire electrocution and many other hazards. These hazards are capable of serious injury, death or property damage and destruction. Consult a with licensed professional before attempting anything you see in this video. Do not try this at home. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



David Grason says:

Would your neighbor also loan me that excavator? I'm in Tennessee.
Ok, I'm kidding but it always does seem that when someone starts a project like this, good friends tend to arrive with unexpected help that is often times just what the doctor ordered. It looks like you've got a great start. I'm subscribing because I really want to follow along with this one.

Also, it's interesting that you chose to build a 40 x 40. To me this is the size that a good shop needs to be to start and is exactly the size I've been planning to build. Larger than a 40 x 40 gets into more expense at an exponential rate. But smaller and, like you've already discovered, the place is limited in what you can do and gets filled up with stuff.

William says:

I had a friend that when I was 23 years old I help him for sometime build his house in the 40-acre parcel that he had, years later I bought that house with a barn that was 3800 square foot, I was able to fit 5 vehicles including my 12 ' trailer and my Kubota tractor and have room for my shop, at that time they let me set my own price but I only bought three acres, most of the land was clear of trees, but I had a neighbour that was retired that helped me cut ninety pines. I still miss today that barn, I was able to exchange jobs with a contractor friend of mine, and he pours with concrete the rest of the floors, it came with electricity and water. For the ten years that I live there this neighbour save me over eighty thousand dollars and refuse to let me paying or do anything for him, so in Christmas, we just gave his wife something special, I found out later this neighbour was a Mason. So good luck on your project.

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