Project Showcase: Secure DIY Garage Door Opener

Project Showcase: Secure DIY Garage Door Opener

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Using the SparkFun Cryptographic Co-processor, we created a secure garage door opener!
At it’s core, this project is a wire-less button controller. In this way, it could be used for many other applications. What might you like to use this security for?

Products used:
SparkFun Pro RF – LoRa, 915MHz (SAMD21)
SparkFun Cryptographic Co-Processor Breakout – ATECC508A (Qwiic)
SparkFun Qwiic Single Relay
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pratherat says:

I'm just going to assume you disabled the original remote RF circuitry in the garage mounted unit. Otherwise you'd still be vulnerable.

Steve Jones says:

Great video, but it doesn't address what is to me, the most insecure part of a garage door opener.. Anyone could steal your car, look up where you live (which is probably on the registration in your glove box) and take that opener to your house, get into your house, and have free reign while you're at work not even yet aware that your car has been stolen.. You could redo this, with the addition of a fingerprint reader, and it would take care of that last hole.. ONLY your finger, (or your toddler in the back seat!) could open the garage. Additionally, why not build a small circuit that uses a GPIO to latch the power on (through a secondary relay or a transistor) while it does it's work, so that you can just press and release the button instead of holding it for 3 seconds? The TX could then just shut down it's own power through the GPIO once it knows it's job is through..

Speedbird says:

Man it looks like a nuke detonator from a movie lol

Clemens Gruber says:

Thought first "secure" means that the device attends to any obstacle like playing childs, dogs while opening or closing! 😉

Patrick Conroy says:

"Several months later an over-engineered solution that works, mostly…" I suffer from this too. My house is now filled with such projects. I think my wife hides my soldering iron, in self defense. 🙂

David Teles says:

Just had a big enough cap to the remote, in order to just press the button and charge the cap in order to complete the sequence without holding the button

Timmy Fifty says:

JLCPCB box 3:25

lasersbee says:

Yeah… I can see that hanging from my key chain with the rest of my keys and car key FOB……………………… :/

Donnie Biederman says:

so does your old 433Mhz built in receiver still there you need to kill that nice project

Elias Santistevan says:

NICE project =)!

Mai Mariarti says:

I wish I had a garage so I could build this. 🙁

I Sleep says:


realfoggy says:

Don't bring this to the airport or near a motorcade, unless you need an internal inspection, or you need some new "friends".

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