The Garage Project (time lapse cleaning)

The Garage Project (time lapse cleaning)

8 days of cleaning time-lapsed into 5 minutes of video.



Zara Zen says:

Thank You so much for sharing! 🙂 I really enjoyed the little montage, the humor and music in it!

sebastian g says:

It doesn't stay like this though

Bierrr says:

I'm just here for the music.

PhoenixCustomPrimiti says:

That is the cheeriest music of any video on the subject of cleaning up anything.  Very cool.

Erin Johnson says:

I have that same green man wind chime. I used to be a sales representative for the company that sold them.

Charlotte Tausilia says:

So darn satisfying!

liezel says:

Love the edit lol

Chay taan says:

Pleeeeeeease do my garage

Loretta Montgomery says:

I love this, we have a 2 car enclosed garage that can fit just 1 car. Way too much to clean & organize. Rather hire someone cause 2 of us couldn't get this done in 12 days. Great job they did!

Whatdoes that Does says:

Very nice music 🙂

Teres amor says:

My garage is such a problem area in my house! And what sucks is that my parents don't want to help me clean it, and my dad has hoarding tendencies I swear. We have a treadmill from the early 90s and he refuses to get rid of it because he thinks we will use it one day….

Kiwi says:

Love the random pauses

Melody Dawn says:

I love the music

Mellow Yellow98 says:

Awesome Job.

christine c says:

this was so inspiring! ugh i have so many random car parts from a hoarder car loving man i dont know what to do with. 🙁

TheHcharpe1231 says:

awesome video Tania, love how you time your breaks with the music

saintgirl64 says:

That was a lot of work! Good job!

NamasteCC says:

Wow this was amazing

Sasuntori says:

The music is so awesome ;D

John john Oj says:

way 2 go mija, i have to do mine.

Flam Flam says:

That was so satisfying!

Isabel Garcia TV says:

holy shrimp!!!!! it is so much cleaner but in my opinion i would put the bench in your backyard or get rid of it so you could fit your car in the garage

Peki Keki says:

I give huge thumbs up and my loves for that!

Katherine Canon says:

your garage like mine with dreaded laundry room together

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