The LZ Garage Project: Complete Swisstrax Ribtrax Flooring Install

The LZ Garage Project:  Complete Swisstrax Ribtrax Flooring Install

This is the start to finish video of what it takes to install a Swisstrax floor.

Make sure to check out AdamLZ’s channel for other videos of the project.

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Porsche911luv says:

Why cover up a beautiful floor with a not so beautiful floor?

Andrew Tallman says:

Matt, what's the jack shaft garage door you are referring to around 33:50? Thanks in advance.

deepsquat600 says:

dang .. I would not have been hitting those with my hand ..rubber mallet… other wise sore hand and wrist for 3 weeks

gabriel rivera says:

I'm a fan of both Epoxy and Rubber flooring.

I'm leaning more towards Epoxy , why wouldn't you recommend it? It's popular in a lot of garages and if done right should last long.

SosaGamer says:

Can you put floor jacks on that

Nolan Gaudreau says:

What purposes does this flooring serve? Thanks!

Toronto tdottme says:

Matt, I have a lift like a Maxjax and was thinking of doing swisstrax. My question is about roller stools, I use them when I work on my cars. Can roller stools be used on the floors or would they get stuck or be hard to roll?


Digital Donut says:

Found your channel looking for tandem garage designs. Love the work you put into this, subbed.

Edwin Guzman says:

what's the color name for the grey rib trax?

Sean Staude says:

OG never disappoints!

banjolearner94 says:

that stuff looks painful to work on. dont thing floorjacks and creepers or knees would fair well

TheNewYouTuber says:

what was the total cost of swisstrax being put down ?

Bav Graphics says:

why tf does it sound like there is an aventaodr in the background ?

E36_bi//mer says:

or you could not waste money on plastic tiles and be like a normal person with keeping the painted floor clean,just spray some pine Sol and mop

Burd's View says:

put something to hide that awful water heater!

Jeremy Mcjennett says:

I don't think you realize how rude you are to people all the time. I love your vids n all but damn. Be a little nicer!

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