Build Your Own Calisthenics GYM! Do it yourself, do it cheap!

Build Your Own Calisthenics GYM! Do it yourself, do it cheap!

Here’s the links mentioned in the video:

Julio’s (How to make a Barstarzz park:)

And for laying turf:

The project took me about a week from start to finish from digging the holes to laying the turf.

Here are some of the things you’ll need:

Three, 4x4x10 ft Redwood post
One, 4x4x8 ft Redwood post

One 1in x 8 ft Galvanized Pipe
(For pull up bar and top human flag bar)

One 1in x 5 ft Galvanized Pipe
(For shorter pull up bar)

Three 1in x 2 ft Galvanized Pipe
(For human flag bars)

Two, 1 1/4 inch 10 ft Galvanized Pipe
( For dip bars, Home Depot will cut it upon request for free)

Two, 1 1/4 90 degree elbow joint
(for dip bars)
Two 1 1/4 flange
(Connects to the 4×4 by10
and into the dip bars)

Eight 3/8 16 x 6 Hex Bolts (dip bars)
Eight 3/8 16 x 1 1/2 Washer
Eight 3/8 Hex Nuts

Nine 3/8 16 x 4 To hold poles from possible movement (Optional)
Nine 3/8 16 x 1 1/2 Washer (Optional)
Nine 3/8 Hex Nuts (Optional)

(To drill through both wood and metal
you’ll need a titanium nitrate drill bit)

10 bags of Concrete.
1 container of water resilient wood stain. (Optional)
First I connected the 8ft top bar into all three 4×4 by 10 wood posts. Then I drilled holes and connected the 3 human flag bars.

I dug Three 2ft holes for the posts and raised it up (I put rocks in the holes to hold the posts together) then poured about 1 1/2 bags into each hole.

Later that night I dug the two holes for the dip bars.
connected the threaded galvanized pipe into the elbows and connected the other threaded ends to the flanges on the 4×4 by 10 wood posts.

I put rocks to hold the dip bars in place and poured 1 1/2 bags of concrete in each hole on top of the rocks.

The same night I also made the 2 ft hole for the 4×4 by 8 ft post
about 5 ft away form the 4×4 by 10 ft post. I connected the flange then installed the last 5 ft smaller pull up bar and I was done for the day.

The next day I cleared the ground of any loose gravel and laid down some crushed gravel. I lightly watered it down and compressed the gravel with a roller. I covered the crushed/compressed gravel with weed barrier. I laid out my grass turf in the sun for a couple hours before pulling it over the area I wished to cover and began to cut the shape I wanted along the plastic grass liner. I nailed it down on some ares with 6 inch nails to help secure the turf. I put some sand into the fibers of the turf and brushed it through to help it stand up. Then I was done!

Any addition questions feel free to leave a comment below and
Thank you!
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Sean Pearson says:

Hi do you have directions or material list

Миша Русалимов says:

Great video,bro🤜🏻! If you don’t use gymnastic rings – I definitely recommend you to get them and use on your own bars👍👌

yusuf abdulloh says:

Very nice, good job…

Solid Sales says:

I'm a disabled vet and have put on some weight. I am looking to build one of these to get back into shape. I'm about 300, would this support me?

Martin LeBeaux says:

Bru you just motivated me to build my own✊💯💪

Eric Choi says:

Great job! I would love to build this in January but I'm in Ontario, Canada and it's not possible… 😂

Ernesto Z. Gutierrez says:

Love what you did with the sod/astroturf. I'm also trying to get some greenery into the back yard area for my two girls. Just pushed you past 130 Subs.

King Knowledge says:

what type of concrete did you use?

John Connely says:

Impressive build!

Tim Zibell says:

just finished my version. thanks for your video! ->

Tim Zibell says:

Hey, what height did you use for that lower pull up bar?

GI Jane says:

Cute Baby Girls! and thanks for the building tips for my Teen! : )


You should install a tall Vertical bar, Great Job!


Clamp a 2×4" piece behind the hole your drilling to avoid "Tear-Out"

Lasse rasmussen says:

Put metal caps on the top og your 4×4 so the rain dosent soak into the Wood from the top – I mad the exact same build a few years back in Denmark

DWORLD 2019 says:

It looks great! Home Depot is our friend for this sort of stuff! 👌💪🏽✅

Bradley Neufeld says:

awesome video.
I wanted to mention the holes you drilled which you said weren't as clean because pieces would break off as you drilled. That's called tear out, and if you drill in the future you can clamp a scrap piece of wood onto the back what your drilling. Hope this means something.

J Bolo says:

Nice job! Just purchased and planning to have one built on my property! I'm not handy like that!

Guadalupe Lee says:

how did you screw your flanges into the 2 x 4s did you use lag bolts, screws?

Riders Calisthenics says:

🌴🔥nice bro wooohooo🔥🌴

Israel Mora says:

i love to see that you care for you and for your little girls…

Yimmy Montoya says:

Nice calisthenic park! I have two question, the 4 x 4 posts are stable, or is better 6 x 6? How high were the two pull bars
? Thanks for answering!

EmbeddedImaging says:

Great job, sir.

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