CrossFit 510 DIY Home Gym

CrossFit 510 DIY Home Gym

Short video showing some of the stuff I use to work out at home… You can see my pull up bar in some of my other videos. Pull up bar is made out of conduit and straps from REI that were taken to the dry cleaners and sewn into a loop pattern for the bar to fit thru. Conduit was 5 bucks from home depot (an already cut piece marked down). Straps were like 50 cents a foot or somethin. Sewing was i think 15 bucks… I cant sew.



Derek Hallett says:

I called a commercial tire seller and told them to call me whenever they received old tractor tires. Guy called and said he'd leave it outside for me

RicoProm1989 says:

Where did yu get the tire from

Mudassar Mundhahar says:

that's cool man………….

great work….

1RuffNRedy says:

Careful when heating PVC buddy, the fumes are nasty.

Chris Murphy says:

nice work homes

Smash PT says:

Mate, great stuff there!! Can't believe I haven't thought of the ladders before(those things cost a tonne!!). Like the kettles you should do the same and make weighted batons!! Also, you and your training partners should all chip in and buy a load of scaffolding tubes and make a power cage!! I've just built one at work in the yard!! Works sweet…chins, rings, dips, dead lifts, squats; it's got it all!!

McCabe2729 says:

Nice equipment! How did you make your gym rings?

heppsan says:

Very nice and creative!

heppsan says:

Very creativ! Thumbs up!!

TaeIeon says:

love the kettlebells

Kanoasurfer says:

good stuff bro, you got the spirit!

Roberto Aguilar says:

Awesome idea for the kettlebells, Ive seen many ideas for home made ones, but I never thought of cement inside a ball, excellent!!!

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