crossfit garage gym on a budget

crossfit garage gym on a budget

First video and first time editing. Know of websites or other ideas to help build up your gym on a budget? Please leave a comment.



nikhil kalonia says:

Crossfit sucks

Kevin Irwin II says:

Love seeing other garage gyms! Nice gym!

Jack Berwick says:

great video! I need to train at home on a budget due to family too. check out vids if you get a chance mate

Matthew Buchanan says:

Hey Man nice vid! Looking to put together a garage gym. Do you still have the half rack from Dicks?!! Still like it? Holding up okay?? Has anyone used close to the 600# limit on squats or bench?

Iairon says:

lmao you look like shit,crossfit results

ForReallllll says:

thanks man, this was helpful.. just bought a house and looking to make my garage a gym as well. Tired of spending $120/month in California for crossfit!


Just looked for and that site doesn't exist anymore, looks like they went bankrupt

Alan Wong says:

I like the idea of a garage gym, but I live in the Northeast and my cars bring in a lot of snow during the winter. When it melts, the garage floor is a mess (mixture of melted snow, salt and sand). If I was to build a garage gym, how can I protect my equipment? I don't want the base of the squat rack to be exposed to the salt/water. Any ideas of how to best maintain your equipment in those conditions?

jb-barbell says:

Great video!

Glenda Kay says:

man the stupid comments. thanks for suggestions.

Rasputin Varez says:

If your wife won't let you have a gym in your garage you don't have a wife, you have a mother.

Burkutace27 says:

Crossfit gym on a budget.

Well, orthopedic surgery ins't cheap so gotta save money for that.

John Greaves III says:

Check out we have links to equipment manufacturers, articles related to garage/home gyms along with weekly motivational videos. Two companies that I've had good success with are Black Widow Training Gear for custom made equipment and Dynabody Fitness they sell new and used racks, bars etc. I like your use of the space and how small the equipment footprint is.

Over Opinionated Bogan says:

cross fit equals 0 gains bad form and injuries.

its cheaper to get a gym membership dude.

Denver Porterfield says:

nice setup – you still like this squat rack? Held up?

mrseafrog says: Almost always has free shipping and discounts. High quality stuff and half the Rogue price.

Nathalie Gomez says:

hey Arron, I want to buy the same squat rack so i can store my weight on . I have a question regarding the pull up bar. If you remove the orange pull up grips, is it possible to use the grey straight pipe/ bar as a pull up bar? Also do you with it is a strong rack ? what if i do kipping pull ups and maybe muscle ups, will it damage the rack? Also how tall are you so i have an understand of the height ?

Joey Bredesen says:

I feel as if you only need one pair of bumper plates and then you can put cast iron plates on past that as long as they're below 45 pounds. Could have saved you some money. Also they have adjustable kettle bells if you plan maybe buying different types in the future: ones with Olympic, standard weights and a sort of built in mechanism. That would be cheaper.

Keith Strang says:

Use horse stall matts for your floor. About the cheapest option for the durability out there. $40 for 3/4" x 4' x 6'. Pick them up at Tractor Supply or similar farm and fleet supply store.

TX Wil C says:

Please don't coach your brothers in law we don't need more cross fitters

Stephen Lyon says:

Play it again sports have used kettle bells and other weights for way cheaper then amazon. FYI.  Don't know if you have one near you but that has been my favorite place to start acquiring equipment for my gym.

BreachFit Gym says:

That's no budget bruh, Cute wife tho! Craigs list Craigs List Craigs List! Lots of people have EVERYTHING. Rubber flooring, Home Depot or Murdochs! X training equipment, MSDUSA, Rage Fitness, Rep Fitness. I'm from Colorado so i got lucky with a lot of free shipping local discounts and local pick up. Also, walmart got cheap shit too. I have 450 pounds of bumpers, 4 bars, 1 ladies, 2 medicine balls, 3 kb's, pull up bar, 4 speed ropes and two H- squat stands. Im at just under a grand after 2 months accumulation. BOOM.

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