CrossFit – How to Build a Garage Gym Rogue Style

CrossFit – How to Build a Garage Gym Rogue Style



i will do mine in my garge folow setp by step subscibe my chanel and make questions if you want

andyandyKZ says:

where do you put your car?

Emp6ft10in says:

No plywood under the mats for deadlifts?

Coyote Sonrieamigo says:

love it¡ 🙂

Gym For Life says:

check mine place ;]


I´am From Brasil, I´am powerlifter !! I have home gym ! It´s perfect, training my home to you ! Congratulations !!

Ilmari Virtanen says:

Torilla tavataan!

JC Bolomey says:

and he kept his shirt on all the way through?!

Christian Torres says:

Where do you get gym equipment and bench sets?

Top 10 says:

Is this legal?

Aaron Silva says:

Why wouldn't you want the stall mats under the rig? Save money? Seems dumb when they're only $30 a piece at a Tractor Supply store.

Danny Hoodless says:

nice gym but you should close your garage door so your neighbours dont see your crossfitting hippy ass snap workout

Bloxnz says:

inspired me …………. plans underway, thanks mate

Marco Soprano says:

excuse me, what's the name of track at 1:52?

Manish Patel says:

Planning to build one,once I buy my own house.

Robert Tuzes says:

I like that you didn t put out the bike when you clenaed out the garage.

Lawrence Wiggins says:

No where to do bar muscle ups

WARF3RE says:

is it just my gym but a crossfit membership is ridiculous. I wanted to join a box after doing crossfit as golds gym (very difficult), and today they told me they charge up too 200 per month. what. who the hell pays 150 per month to lift. golds is $20. either build your own or go to somewhere cheap. im not paying 13 bucks everyday to do a workout that takes me 45 mins/ 

HauntedAinsley says:

Man… that's a nice bike.

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