CrossFit – The Home Gym with Karl Eagleman

CrossFit – The Home Gym with Karl Eagleman


djstickywicket21 says:

Doh. That pull up station was about 2 steps away from being a power rack

Frank Galaviz says:

Very nice an organized. I can see some good circuit training sessions in there..

Ricardo Flores says:

great job enjoy live

Redbeard The Pink says:

Using a weight vest isn't "body weight" exercise. It's weight training with a vest.

Nasro Berhane says:

good I want to play coming gym in your home
do you allow me

Mike Pendlebury says:

This is why i love home gyms. Fantastic ideas. Not the same quality as yours but I'm getting there , this is mine….

AMartial Path says:

Awesome home made equipement👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

carpejkdiem says:

Great gym and great post. Nice! Thanks for sharing.

bacfu says:

Great post good job ,very efficient use of space.

flubby1982 says:

Love your setup bud. Gave me a ton of great ideas! The funny thing is the best idea that had me smacking my head was the white board. I literally paused the video, went to HD and bought one. And you are right: best $5 spent.

WormChemistry says:

Looks like you're neighbors with CJ from GTA San Andreas lol

Joshua G says:

The camera work is fucking bad

Suhas A says:

Hey Karl, u seem 2 b super-excited with the equipment..keep rockin' n keep working out..

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Saepul Rizal says:

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anthony wolter says:

pretty cool home gym.. the thing that i really enjoy is when you see someone passionate about exercise. things like when friends come over and workout or the neighbors look at me like im crazy.. something anyone who trains can associate with.

sabbir khan says:

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Anandarup Chakraborty says:

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Jules says:

Ah I'm so jealous, I cant wait to own a house and build a little gym! Only thing that's disappointing is you cant muscle up on that awesome pull up bar.

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