DIY Bench Press | How to make a weight bench

DIY Bench Press | How to make a weight bench

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full build plans with dimensioned drawings here:
This DIY Weight bench for bench pressing is made out 2x4s, a little bit of 3/4″ plywood and some kaizen foam.
Link to our DIY Hidden CrossFit Station:

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Kaizen Foam 1-1/8″ thick

7-foot Olympic Bar:

45 lbs Weights:

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Luis Fernando says:

Too many comments from people that obviously dont know shit… just because is wood it will break apart? lol
please, a guy and 100lbs weight is not even enough to crack it… You havent worked with wood at all obviously or even know the difference between mass, force and pressure…. this thing will last longer than a cheap hollow steel pipe structure if used as intended since he is using good density wood. do you think he is using agglomerated scraps of wood or what?

NoYezz says:

I would never trust wood for this, especially if you're going to lift heavy, damn … could break in an instant while you're pressing a couple of hundred pounds, to dangerous man

김성현 says:

diy guillotine

Fluke Skywalker says:

Or Craig’s list always has some for 1/4 the price of materials. But if ya have them laying around then cool. Add a couple supports to combat any tipping w heavier weight & maybe 4×4’s I’ll use since I have em. The cheap stores sell long swimming pool kick-boards for closed cell foam cheap. Anyways thanks for the video. Sunday project

Eddie Avinashi says:

Definitely do NOT build a CrossFit style gym if you have people who live below you.

Someone did that to me so I left poo in front of their door.

No Place Like Maui Clothing says:

damn thats some solid WORK ! dope

JoJo says:

Real nice I'd like to build an incline version.

GG H says:

There’s a reason why they don’t use wood for gym equipment

Andrew H says:

Would use nails for sheer strength. Screws snap. Also would have used 4×6 material. Great build though, different…and cool for a decorative bench in backround.

Austin Farwell says:

The BENCH PRESS fails to work the inner chest!

My last video goes into depth on this issue

Marcelo Owczarek De Sa says:

Muito legal!!! Normalmente vc só consegue esse suporte de ferro, esse de madeira com certeza é uma opção bem bacana!!! Parabéns

The Bearded Bros says:

I just came across your channel! ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOW EVERYTHING IS SO SIMPLE!! Subscribed!(:

J Slik says:

You could have stretched the vinyl/faux leather over the foam and stapled prior to attaching (with brackets or pocket holes) to make it look a bit nicer.

oojagapivy says:

I like it! My only suggestion is the addition of feet perpendicular to the "weight" end to minimise the chance of tip-back when no-one is on the bench to provide counterweight. Other than that, looks rock-solid.

Andrew Archer says:

Incline option would be nice too 😃

Dan S says:

Yeah it looks sturdy as ill get out but I believe you are missing an important piece: Where's the safety bars? Like I don't generally need them myself cause all though I do go all out I keep it within a safe parameter. But I just would not feel safe pushing myself without there either being a spotter or some safety bars (cause sometimes you can't get a spotter). Its just a critique I'm surprised that you didn't have them is all, again though it is a nice build and ill look into making it myself.

Woby Design says:

Do you even lift brah?

Melrose Design Company says:

Turned out great! Would not have thought about building a bench out of 2×4's look effective and cheap!

toonami4 says:

Next month, how the My DIY bench broke while doing a set and now I have two broken ribs…🤣🤣🤣

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