DIY Power Rack Home Gym

DIY Power Rack Home Gym

DIY Power Rack Home Gym
$140-170 material cost
Download the plans at

Build Your Gym (BYG) by



Frank Galaviz says:

Really nice, I like how u put the low and high pulleys on it. Great work.

Giorgio Giannico says:

A great work, congrats!!!

Nima Sherpa says:

If you want to build muscle, you should do a Google search "Xraggy Muscle Max". That might help you get the body you deserve.

Jordan Roth says:

I think that you could also use 4/4 preassure trated studs. they for the 4 supports on the side. I know it would cost more but i've seen other people do it. looks slightly easier.

Christian Rodriguez says:

couldnt go to the web page, it says is not available.

vershawn79 says:

Anybody got the PDF anywhere?

InterNest Media says:

I wasn't able to find the site for these plans, looks great by the way

Daniel Torres says:

What is the weight capacity of this?

Murder_Face says:

I believe that. I paid $400 for mine shipped last year and since then it has shot up about $200. It's a Body Solid, rated for 1,000 pounds, so not a piece of junk, but also not a high end rack but it gets the job done.

ManMadeDelusion_ says:

tired to access the website for plans and material list but was not able to. Id love to get a hold of them

Joscha says:

website doesnt exist tho 🙁
Or i just cant open it.

Joscha says:

awesome, thanks !

Murder_Face says:

Wish I would have found this before dropping $400 on my rack.

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